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    Quote from Uldyssian

    I really would like to see the skills with really lengthy cool-downs be reduced drastically.

    This game is far too fast paced to have something with a two minute CD. It's the reason Thrive on Chaos rune is about the only WotB rune being used. The problem is that Wrath is far too powerful versus other skills without that cool-down. The other side of the problem coin is that with such a huge cool-down you are wasting a skill slot 105 seconds out of 120 without the endless up-time Thrive on Chaos provides.

    Give WOTB a passive for the skill that gives a chance to keep the length on it longer per x amount of kills. And each rune gives different bonuses like defense thorns, radius around you that pulls in enemies and stuns, all sorts of good ideas for better skill runes for this game. This 5% dodge chance is lame. a 5% chance to crit runes are lame. Make runes do cool visual things and offer cool play styles and let gear add stats or another means of blacksmithing to play with adding stats but runes shuld offer custome styles of play and not.. Choose this rune for X crit chance bonus. That's so lame and cheap imo
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    I'm going to start with saying that I love what I'm seeing from everyone so far! Great ideas and good work.

    All classes could use a pet. A pet class like a WD or DH should be able to manipulate what their pets can do.

    A wizards only pet is a dot or a coloured rock floating... Give me a dragon that the wizards lived alongside in their lore...

    Barbs should collect blood for a short time entering town before they repair it off and become bloody once they reach high monster kill combos. Also barbs should be able to pull a chandler switch using abilities with their hooks. My mind is blown because I can't do that yet.

    Demon hunter should have an ability to keep an enemy monster from dying and it fights along side you and your allies for a few minutes. You can spend resources into that ability like charges so you use the spell a few times while its on the hot bar where it stacks to 5 stages/levels in its duration of owning this pet demon and its potential you give it and its size increases it going into a frenzy it's buffing allies it's changing colours ect... Sometimes have it proc a champion mod ability and the demon turns hostile on the group after its times up and its no longer an ally and your team and yourself fight this champion demon a player makes. On occasion that happening would be cool for an RPG.

    That really spawns from the DH not being very fun. It's too line of sight, arrowy and it needs more sanctuary imagination potential feel to DH. A range manipulator of the demons on the battlefield. Think about it.

    Also I thought of wall of zombies. How about a walking wall of zombies! Let it move in a direction. giving WD spam able ability- wall of bones like in d2 and if a player gets trapped in it. They can easily break through it themselves dealing damage. Have awall talent and each rune gives different uses for the wall.

    I like the idea of multiple. Maybe 6 single hydra heads you can spawn anywhere u want.
    Teleport needs better pathing.

    Monks have such minimal ways to play. I got to level 60, got hooked up by a friendly player and I started doing mp5 spending 1.45$ on the AH. If I had not used the AH I would need to spend my lifetime or until I'm 90 years old before I could be mp 10 from self founds. I feel also as a monk the first instant to the target ability is the best in a lot of cases. I used the same primary attack 1-60 and paragon.

    I realize this game can be so much better In a sense that there was so much time spent making this game that the core fun elements like the potential of environment uses like traveling in a mud pit, walking under water falls, climbing mountains, fighting to the top of a mountain circling the mountain while u have a huge environment you look down upon. Currently theirs none of that and very narrow straight line gameplay.
    There needs to be exploration. If I cast an ability like arcane orb. Why can't it splatter on the wall? Or cause any effect. If I shoot a fire ball why is there no re lighting of a candle or any tactical secrets like lighting up the room with put out candles in each corner bring up a hidden chest once in a while. There's just no feel of interactions in the game. As a lifetime fan. I want to play and explore the game world. I want to see architecture and hieroglyphics on the walls like there is in diablo 2. D3 there's none of that to look at and decipher. I see so much potential in expanding the games feel of being involved in the growth of this game continually building as if, after 2 years you've unlocked new hidden levels that your completely solving mysteries in sanctuary and remembering all the details and your remembering this genuinely expansive world filled with These memory building events that you earned playing the game. this could even become endgame content and a common quest type of way to shape sanctuary. Blizz should hire me to become an employee in the company. I only know what I would bring to blizzard and that's everything I am. I have a huge background that support my lifelong commitment to blizzard fans, fan sites, friends and family. All the memories. I only see I can hold them all for me but I'd like to work for blizzard. Anyways. ^^

    There should be more involving quests and not.... Stand still and kill monsters while a wheel cranks. That's lame. I want to fulfil a tactical objective. A random quest where there's 2 entrances into a camp. Range go up a hill and can range shoot at enemies below them, left and right on a level below the range the melee go so melee keep monsters out of the camp and the range clases take the high ground and defend from the high point. Monk and barbs are keeping monsters from entering the gates. Range lay waste the all other factors like triggers and air supports. That's a full screen scenario, very involving and fun factors off the charts. 10/10

    The game should have player housing. A house in the game you come across in a specific zone you developers choose but the player can use this spot as their own outpost. Example they fight through the weeping hollow and after they cleared the zone they find their location of their own spot in the game. Since it'll always be there but they can repeat content playing the game and also have a reason to do something after they clear the zone. Allow players to place their camp anywhere in the game and have it randomized in the map a player chooses to place thier camp. The uses of the camp are endless but it's a cool idea for a warrior to have their own location wherever they want in the world. Plus other players can see yours while playing and see what you do with the place. plus every players banners would be in the game creators camp and each players flag would stand and be noticeable with for example a section of the players camp there's a section like a black smiths indent in the town where each players flags are laid along like a straight line and the class and the realvplayer gets to design their cosmetic graphic class specific scenery behind they're flag. Imagine a line up of 4 flags/4 players in game and for example a WD flag and the space around thier flag which is the flags space between it an other players banners. you can customize the visuals for your banner flag and the space you given to add custom visuals around it. Uses in the space such as: goo and blobs of dark green minions and witch doctor lit up fire torches and voodoo shadows all behind the banner in the background. Custom visual effects you want to reseble you as the player. You want everyone to see this about you and is a very social feature. a custome design the player makes for a visual representation of themselves through their banner. This idea is a jump in the right direction from what we currently use.
    Expansion towards more noticeable uniqueness. Blizzard bring me to irvine and hire me :D

    I'm thinking now that we don't have a true demon summoning class in the game yet... In before obvious. Next class is a demon summing class.

    Give witch doctors some noticeable and notable totems that when they're seen, as a non WD, I know I can stand in a radius of it benefit from it.. But I already am

    Wizard needs more spells that manipulate elements. Time warp. Let me put time warp anywhere on the screen. Let me save other players when enemies shoot range at them or charge at my allies. RPG game.
    The best part of wave of force in the gameplay manipulation. Players need more of that so we can handle harder mobs in the future.

    Seriously blizz hire me I grew up playing blizzard titles. It is in my soul. A salary can buy someone like me whos energy serves your company. ;) thanks to all for your time reading. God bless
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    The dude above me doesnt know shit

    Blizz wants to be doing all this new stuff yet there lagging on the business side of being a company who honours veteran players >over freash noobcakes
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    In other news. Blizz Cant fucking fix the fact they dont let the long term players get a ************** invite. How many months and since when have I been In WoW? Oh SInce Beta. How many games do I have associated with my account. Oh. Thanks fuck you blizz
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    Also monks can port in a Pilar that will block attacks and create a shield/wall
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    PCOS: Windows® XP/Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 (Latest Service Packs) with DirectX® 9.0cProcessor: Intel Pentium® D 2.8 GHz or AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 4400+Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® 7800 GT or ATI Radeon™ X1950 Pro or betterMacOS: Mac® OS X 10.6.8, 10.7.X (Latest Version) | Processor: Intel® Core 2 DuoVideo: NVIDIA® GeForce® 8600M GT or ATI Radeon™ HD 2600 or better

    All PlatformsHD Space: 12 GB available HD space | Memory: 1 GB RAM (1.5 GB required for Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 users, 2 GB for Mac® users) | Drive: DVD-ROM drive | Internet: Broadband Internetconnection | Display: 1024x768 minimum display resolution(Note: Be advised that some wireless connections do not meet the minimums required to be a true Broadband Internet connection. Wireless results may vary.)


    PCOS: Windows Vista®/Windows® 7 (Latest Service Packs) | Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHzor AMD AthlonTM 64 X2 5600+ 2.8 GHz | Memory: 2 GB RAM | Video: NVIDIA® GeForce® 260 orATI Radeon™ HD 4870 or betterMacOS: Mac® OS X 10.7.X (Latest Version) | Processor: Intel® Core 2 Duo | Memory: 2 GB RAMVideo: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 330M or ATI Radeon™ HD 4670 or better

    Updated: Dec 12, 2011
    Similar to D3 beta specs.

    Disclaimer - A copy and paste directly from the Battle.net Support sections dealing on Diablo 3
    Battle net
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    Hey Everyone, some may remember me from a while back.
    I havent viewed this forum in a very long time, hope everyones doing alright, and is as excited about 2010 as I am!

    This has most likely been discussed but I thought i'd post this because it makes a lot of sence.

    -SC2 ( Release of Battle.net 2.0 )
    -Diablo 3
    -Next Gen MMO

    SC:Ghost was put on hold indefinatly.

    In my mind im 95% sure SC:Ghost is the next Gen MMO for consoles.

    Battle.net 2.0 will connect users for PC/Console.

    This way it will not affect WoW as much since it targets 2 different audiences. Subscription based Console Gaming :) Blizz knows its gonna be a huge sucess!

    I can write page after page on this thought, but I thought i'd give my 2cents on this.
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    It would be cool if Starcraft Ghost got announced.
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    Its auto pick up on items.
    Some diablo fans eh......
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