Wizard Builds

Black Hole Wizard

 A member of the official forums by the name of Farkon has posted a Black Hole build, which other members seem to really appreciate! It's a nice template for using Black Hole where you can switch up a few skills or passives and still have it 100% working.

Aurora Wizard

Our very own Zero(pS) has been running an interesting build on his Wizard. The primary skill of use is Heat Wave and stacking Fire damage really makes it worth it. Or so he says!

Lowko's Frozen Orb Wizard

Frozen Orb is by far the most requested Wizard build at the moment and Lowko shared his and it seems to work pretty well. However he specifically notes it's not recommended for Hardcore, so be careful!

Casanova's Melee Wizard

Moonlight Ward is a must for Casanova's Melee Wizard build, but by the looks of it it's worth it to find this precious amulet. A lot more details are shared in the forum topic, but if you're not into reading, he also made a video and even a "no-shield" version.

Archon's Stun-Lock Wizard

The build you see below is the one Archon used during his RoS Launch Party Live stream. He admits it counts more on survivability than damage, because the point was helping the group while still having a lot of awesome gear.

Boxsalesman's Frozen Orb Wizard

magier556 aka Boxsalesman has created a nice Frozen Orb build that he has managed to sustain from his first day at level 70 and is still using after upgrading his gear quite a bit. You can check out his video guide here and drop him some feedback in his topic on our own forums.

Mirrorball Fire Wizard

Some of the best builds are formed around a great item. One such case is Kamswow's Mirrorball Fire Wizard Build. He got his Mirrorball from Gambling and as you can see, it's a pretty simple build aside from the Mirrorball obtaining. Our moderator Bagstone is one of the players using this build and he also gives valuable advice in Kamswow's thread.

Meteor Spam Fire Wizard

Even though builds are getting more and more gear dependent, some are really worth it: MeatHeadMikhail showed his Meteor Spam Fire Wizard in a video that includes the build itself, gear, ideal stats per slot, toughness requirements, fire/elite/meteor damage % modifiers, a very strong 2-hand variation with Smoldering Core, and solo T4 Rifting.

Clarsen90's Frozen Orb Wizard

Clarsen90 posted a very detailed Wizard guide that gets constantly updated. The guide is based around Frozen Orb and includes Stats, Paragon Points, Gear, Several Builds, and Leveling. It's very worth reading and the even cooler part is the author replies to questions in the thread. Here you can see one of the several builds, but if you'd like to be sure you're not missing a more suitable one for your specific goals and gear, check the full guide.


  • #34 google337
    hi i wanted to submit my guide for T6 solo also this guide is sticky on d3 website http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12944094574
  • #33 Blitzher
    Doing to all the updates, and changes since ROS release. Wouldn´t it be about time to update this build site? I mean, Jaetech have been making some very popular builds, but none of them is here ?
    And they do seemse to be in tio 3 of all played builds ?
  • #32 Darxai
    Fire Missile {High Torment} Build


    1mil + DPS

    10mil Toughness

    60% + Fire Damage

    45/50% + CD Reduction
  • #31 BGamerVR
    Archon & Meteor Spam Fire Wizard

  • #30 skolachaa
    http://us.battle.net/d3/pt/profile/Skolacha-1616/hero/43114133 my best build, full clear t6 rift
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  • #29 faelnpaiva
    Lighting Wizard . Some itens is needing to change , others isn´t the best in slot , but playing a lot . Its in phasing of tests , my another and main build is frozen wizard . Both are crowd control . Frozen uses chill and freze and lighting uses stun .

  • #28 skolachaa
    my build http://us.battle.net/d3/pt/profile/Skolacha-1616/hero/43114133 currently solo easy t4
    Last edited by skolachaa: 5/1/2014 8:43:54 AM
  • #27 Lithrod
    I've been playing around with my wizards build for abit now only recently leveled him after RoS came out and its been alot of fun and good to get me away from the heroic raiding burnout on wow im suffering at the moment... fully buffed i'm at about 1,050,000 mill dmg and farming t1/t2 rifts for blood shards for my cindercoat :D i find that hydra is good for both aoe and single target and having my AO scorch rune - MM conflage and hydra dots on everything is really quite fun to watch everything melt around you :D
    Last edited by Lithrod: 4/29/2014 11:43:01 AM
  • #26 Grugore
    My version of a MELEE WIZARD.

    This build should be included, above. I'm running torment 3, with crap gear, and doing very well. Torment two is a breeze with this build. Not even challenging. I hardly ever die. That's due to some sick defensive skills. There are builds that do more DPS. But you can't DPS, if you're dead. Here's the build...

    Primary: Spectral Blades [Thrown weapon] If you want to use Audacity, you might want to switch to another rune. It's reach is twenty yards. Audacity is 15 yards

    Secondary: Arcane Torrent [Disruption] Additional 15% damage from Arcane.

    Conjuration: Familiar [Arconaut] Bonus AP. Enough said.

    Conjuration: Energy Armor [Prismatic Armor] Plus 35% armor, and 25% to all resistances.

    Conjuration: Magic Weapon [Deflection] Just plain hard to kill, as long as you're attacking.

    Mastery: Archon [Arcane Destruction] You can use a different rune, if you like. The only time I use this, is when I'm in a desperate situation. I like the knock-back and slow. If I ever need to use it, it will be to run away, so I can heal and wait for CD on Archon.


    Temporal Flux: Slow-pokes are just easier to kill. You also get plus 15% damage with Disruption.

    Prodigy: You will be amazed at how fast your AP replenishes.

    Blur: You can't go wrong with 17% damage reduction.

    Unwavering Will: Plus 20% to armor and resistance. Plus 10% damage.

    Notes on play style.

    I created this build to be a pure brawler. I think I've succeeded. Even on torment 3, I can wade INTO a large mob and shred it in seconds. So far, I haven't had any trouble with T2 Bosses either. I've only fought Leoric on T3, so far, so I don't know how I would do against an act Boss. I think I could handle it, just because of the sheer toughness of this build. The only thing that has kill me on T3, so far, was a pair of purples with a large mob attached to it. And I dropped one of the purples before I died.

    So. Try this build out, and let me know what you think. I'm sure it could use some slight tweaking, but it's working really well so far. If you can find a way to make it better, I'd like to know.

    P.S. The up time for Arcane Torrent, for this build, is over 50%. It takes longer to deplete my AP than it does to replenish it. Four seconds to fill it completely, and about six seconds to deplete it. Three or four hits with Spectral blades will give you about 50%
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  • #25 Xedearnal
    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#URXciS!YUXR!aZYccZ is the best build ever.
  • #24 Exc3ssum
    all you need is some arcane power regen on crits and you are good to go with this spec,
    if you don't have enough arcane power regen u can you magic missile with split.

    it's simple, all you do is holding down one button

    Build: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#NemTjS!YUXS!aaZZaZ

    Profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Suzumi-2180/hero/1413779
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  • #23 Lotware
    I use a similar fire build to the Aurora Wizard build, for Fire Heat Wave Spammage, having a Cindercoat, with 2-piece level 70 items (at around 6 to 8 Arcane Power on Crit from Helm slot and Source), I used:

    1) Familar Arcanot (Regeneration) | Magic Weapon Deflection (optional) depending on how much resource cost reduction you got

    2) Meteor Meteor Shower (for Kiting or when there's Ground effects too close to Elite Packs held down by your other party members), until you get Wand of Woh then you switch to Explosive Blast Chain Reaction

    3/4) Heat Wave (index finger is faster)

    4) Energy Armor Pinpoint Barrier / Energy Armor Prismatic Armor for higher Torments | Storm Armor (Power of the Storm especially for faster lower difficulty runs T1 and lower)

    LC) Shock Pulse: Fire Bolts

    RC) Teleport: Wormhole

    Passives: Blur/Dominance(depending on mob density) | Conflagaration | Prodigy | Audacity

    Passives when you change to explosive blast via Wand of Woh:

    Blur / Astral Presence / Evocation / Audacity
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  • #22 Phankeys
    So I decided to share with you guys, my Fire Wizard Build! :)
    And I made a video to make everything more interesting and easier.

    Here's the video:


    Here's the build:

  • #21 uroroboros

    If you want use full potentional of Tal Rasha's set, try my build.. even with items on 60lvl i can easy clear T3

  • #20 ScottAllen11
    Bluespartan's Fire Wizard build (works well with +% fire damage trinkets/bracers). Notice how Energy Twister (Gale Force) increases fire damage.


    Bluespartan's Fire & Ice build is similar, but takes Cold Blooded and Meteor (Comet) for more control and an additional damage debuff on enemies.


    Enjoy! Will be trying out arcane builds soon and will share if I find a promising one.

    - Scott
  • #19 brukicro
    Check mine out if you wish to. Nice damage and survivabilityhttp://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UcSjmO!cXYS!YcZacZ

    My DPS jumps for about 200k after buffing and I can crit for 5 million with ease.
  • #18 ScottAllen11
    Here's Bluespartan's Frost wizard build! At level 70 you can swap out the Frost hydra for Black Hole (Absolute Zero) for maximum cold damage modifiers. Also add in Arcane Dynamo to power up your frozen orbs (or Prodigy to get more of them).


    This gives a lot of damage and control, especially with cold damage bracers, arcane orb bonus on helm and boots, and shock pulse damage on belt and pants. Handles T1 with ease and you can crank it higher according to gear and taste.

    - Scott
  • #17 Cerinor

    Check out the build iam running. If u like killing packs in a second then this is the build to go with, everything dies in a black hole!

    Iam running with this build killing packs in seconds on torment 2, and doing torment 3-4 easy with a few passive changes.. glass canon to blur, and cold blooded to dominance. Only missing bracers with movement speed boost, and i can keep up with barbarians.

    Iam running with tal rasha 4 set bonus ofc + some other goodies.http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Cerinor-1238/hero/365068

    Also check out my stream :)http://www.twitch.tv/cerinor85
    Last edited by Cerinor: 4/4/2014 9:02:55 AM
  • #16 TehSilph
    I've been using this:


    Paragon Points go into:

    Movement speed till 25% with gear, then all into Int

    all into CDR

    All into All resist (personal prefrence)

    Enough LoH that you are comfortable, then all into resource reduction.

    gear here:http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/TehBuG-1629/hero/5672469

    im doing T1 with ease.
    Last edited by TehSilph: 4/4/2014 12:05:16 AM
  • #15 kalebris
    I have great dmg output with http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#URSfjY!WTiS!YbbaYc

    This is if I need to boost my dps. you can change the entropy to chaos nexus and then you don't have to run around a lot but you only get the dmg buff when they get close but then you get a 25% dmg buff and by the time they get to you they should be gone. If you are still having troubles (elites or beefier mobs you can frost nova their ass getting another 33% buff. Besides, come on, who doesn't like lasers???

    The basic idea is that the prodigy will boost the damage for the entire length of you disintegrate spell. All and all that will give you 60% from arcane dynamo, 10% from cold blooded, 15% audacity and 10% buff if you are standing still for a while, so it's usage is similar to the WD bat build, with the added effect of having the ability to quickly restore arcane power with the electrocute - surge of power. The more mob you have hanging around, the quicker you get charged + you will definately have the 60% buff from arcane dynamo. feedback is welcome:)

    What i currently do on t2 framing with 650 dps on the sheet. I only need to charge up for elites which will give a nice stone of jordan effect.
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