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BlizzCon: You'll find the latest #SC2, #Warcraft, and #D3 announcements, as well as #SCBI tournament info on our #BlizzCon site: 0 47
BlizzCon: Be honest. Who's getting their dance on at home? It's always a good time with @JayMohr37 at #BlizzCon! 0 51
BlizzCon: Dimaga & ToodMing taking stage at #BlizzCon in the #SC2BI consolation bracket: @GOMTV #GSL finals 0 51
BlizzCon: RT @kathunter @talkingcongas: Send questions to @kathunter and @geoffkeighley for @Rob_Pardo, EVP Game Design. #BlizzC 0 52
Diablo: We know you're itching for yet more #D3 information from #BlizzCon, so this needs no further introduction:
by @Diablo
0 52
BlizzCon: RT @talkingcongas: Captain to the Blizz men. Man your battle stations. Join our convo via #BlizzCon or here: http://t. 0 52
BlizzCon: Only a few days left to win a full suite of #SC2 gear from @RazerStore being given away in celebration of #BlizzCon! h 0 53
BlizzCon: That's a wrap on day one of #BlizzCon 2011! We have a legit recap for you here: We'll see you tom 0 53
BlizzCon: Ever wonder what it takes to bring Blizzard stories to life? Find out Friday! #BlizzCon 0 53
Diablo: RT @blizzcon: We want to know about lasting friendships you've forged at #BlizzCon. Join this week's conversation here:
by @Diablo
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BlizzCon: Attending #BlizzCon? Read CM Lylirra's in-depth guide on how to get the most out of your weekend with us! 0 54
BlizzCon: RT @talkingcongas: Let's take to the boards & turn the #BlizzCon fervor up to 11. Tell me what has you pumped: http:// 0 54
Diablo: @joshfranks Click the little down arrow on your portrait and you should be able to select your SC2 license.
by @Diablo
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Diablo_KR: 토요일 아침부터 많은 게임 팬 여러분들이 이 곳 G-star 현장을 방문해 주시고 계십니다. 0 55
BlizzCon: Good morning, #BlizzCon! The lovely Lylirra's put together a schedule of today's events: Please e 0 55
BlizzCon: More details coming through the wire for #BlizzCon attendees! Check out the BlizzChat schedule: 0 55
BlizzCon: While you're at it, don't forget to RSVP for #BlizzCon on @Facebook. Stand and be counted among the rest of us! http:/ 0 55
Diablo_KR: 판매용으로 제작한 것이 아니기에 판매 계획은 없습니다. RT @b_murloc: @Diablo_KR 머그컵 혹시 나중에라도 팔 예정은 없습니까..사고싶은데요ㅠㅠ 0 56
Diablo: RT @warcraft: New batch of retired #Warcraft server blades available for auction to benefit @StJude:
by @Diablo
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BlizzCon: #BlizzCon attendees, we want your photos! If you think you've got the goods, please send them our way: 0 56
BlizzCon: That's gg on the Global #SC2BI live from #BlizzCon! @SC2IMMVP avenges his #GSL Final loss last night to take the crown 0 56
BlizzCon: #Warcraft #Pandaria dungeon challenges, PvE scenarios, new talents, & more showing in the Preview panel at #BlizzCon: 0 56
BlizzCon: @Khalior That tweet was for you for calling out what Zarhym listened to on the drive to #BlizzCon. ;) 0 56
BlizzCon: Two guilds, @BloodLegion and @vodka_guild, accept our mysterious challenge for the #BlizzCon 2011 Live Raid: http://t. 0 56
BlizzCon: We want to know about lasting friendships you've forged at #BlizzCon in the past. Join this week's conversation here: 0 56
Diablo: @TrappedInFlesh You will not be disappointed. Have you checked out the rich art within #Diablo III: Book of Cain yet? ht
by @Diablo
0 57
Diablo_KR: @AineSylphia 대략 6개월 주기로 리셋이 이루어지고 있습니다. 0 57
BlizzCon: RT @TradeChat: Interview from Blizzcon with The Guild :D 0 57
BlizzCon: RT @kathunter @talkingcongas: Send your questions to @kathunter and @geoffkeighley for @Rob_Pardo, EVP Game Design. #B 0 57
BlizzCon: Who's ready for the @GOMTV & #BlizzCon #GSL Finals? @SC2IMMVP & @SlayerSMMA battle it out in 15 minutes! 0 57