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    Sometimes when I create a new post some spaces will be omitted which causes some words to become merged. this is pretty frustrating when this happens as it requires me to edit my post after posting. Is there anything that can be done about this?
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    Just an fyi, we are aware of this issue and a website update is being pushed soon™ that should address a lot of bugs with the platform used by the forums.

    Thanks a lot for your report and feedback, and keep us informed in the near future if the problem persists.

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    FYI2: For longer posts, especially with lots of special content (tables, formatting stuff, like my FAQ) I post in BBCode (and keep the original in an offline text file so I can offline edit and just copy/paste the new version in). To enable BBCode posting mode go to your account (top right corner of this website, "My Account", "Preferences", "Markup Mode" to "BBCode").
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