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    Hello, I am an avid DFans onlooker (come to the site often to read the forums and see the news). For a week+ I have not been able to bring any of the sites up on the curse network at all. The way I actually figured out that I was IP blocked was from Avast actually, I am on the 3 day trial for there VPN and was able to bring this site up and what not using it. But was not able to bring the sites up once I turned it off.

    Now I would like to know if there is a way I could get somebody from the Curse network to Unip block me as I don't see a reason why I would be. I don't have an account to post on any of the forums so its not like I got in trouble for being a troll or anything like that (Just created this one for this reason). I didn't hack anything (I couldn't even if I tried lol) so I would really like to know why. I miss being able to bring up the DFans news page and forums as thats how I learned most the interesting things ablout D3 (excluding playing the game ofcourse :P).

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.
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    Still no dice, is there anybody I can contact like a phone number or an email for support or anything like that for the curse network. I would really like to get this resolved as soon as I am able to.
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