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DiabloFans FAQ

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    Welcome to This post gives you a quick run-through of what you ought to think about whenever you visit the site and contains links and/or answers to many common questions that new members frequently ask.

    The Board Rules
    The Staff (Wiki and Board Staff)
    The Wiki
    The Report-a-Post Function

    Q: My name has a bunch of numbers after them. How do I get rid of them?
    A: Send a PM to Daemaro and he'll fix it.

    Q: I used to have an account here but I forgot my password. Can I get it back?
    A: Send a PM to Daemaro and he'll fix it.

    The Rules
    First and foremost, obey the rules, which are located here or at the top of every thread listing of every forum (as an announcement). They are updated periodically with nomenclature changes, additions, subtractions, and other changes, but these changes will always been announced publicly in the News and Announcements forum.

    If you have any questions about any of the rules, please PM (Private Message) or use a private communication tool (like IM (Instant Messaging) or Email) to contact and discuss your questions, comments, or concerns with a moderator.

    The Staff (Wiki and Board Staff)

    Administrators are Curse employees who maintain and update the site. They have all of the powers of the Moderators and more, and mostly deal with the design of the site, the creation, deletion, and relocation of forums and other behind-the-scenes work.

    Boubouille is the Site Manager of DiabloFans.

    Managers are the staff members who oversee the different "staff departments". Any questions regarding moderation, news or the wiki should be sent to the respective managers.
    Daemaro is the Community Manager and Moderator Manager, and any questions or concerns about the forums can be sent to him.
    Nektu is also a Moderator Manager and can also be cotnacted regarding moderation issues.
    PhrozenDragon is the Wiki Manager and works with developing
    ScyberDragon is the News Manager and is in charge of getting news up on the front page.

    Moderators are mainly involved with deleting, moving, editing, and merging threads, blog posts, and visitor messages, dealing out infractions to members who violate rules and, more rarely, banning members with excessive infraction histories, repeated offenses, or other things.

    Moderators work behind-the-scenes in the staff forums (which cannot be seen by normal members) to work out the logistics and details with new and old rules, new things to implement with the site, deprecated things to take away from the site, and particularly hairy situations on the board.

    Wiki Sysops work primarily with the DiabloFans Wiki. Wiki-oriented staff members work with updating, creating, and deleting articles, templates, and other things in the Wiki, as well as banning IP addresses from accessing the Wiki if their behavior becomes irate.

    Sysops work mostly in two places on the forum board, in the Wiki Forum and the DiabloWiki IRC. The wiki is open for anyone to edit or partake in discussion regarding.

    News Reporters actively search for news about the Diablo series for the site. Their job is to make sure that DiabloFans has clear, well-written and interesting news for all our members to read and discuss. If you have any interesting bits of news, send them to a News Reporter.

    The Staff as a Team
    Administrators, Moderators, Wiki Sysops, and News Reporters work together via private channels (like PM's (Private Messages), IM's (Instant Messages), and Emails) and through use of the behind-the-scenes staff forums (that normal members do not have access to) very hard to deal with issues pertinent to everyday. We do this to ensure an integrated and cohesive discussion environment is maintained between staff members and so that any issue brought to or observed by the staff receives a diverse amount of opinions and attention. Many times, discussions can take as long as weeks. We do our best to be quick about what we do, but some things take time, and so if a response is not given back to the community instantly, please be patient. On our part, we try to keep the community up-to-date on non-sensitive issues when and where we can.

    The Wiki has its very own Wiki" class="wiki-link">Wiki"/> Wiki regarding all things related to the Diablo franchise (and the DiabloFans community). Throughout the forum you may see links with a - icon in front of them; that means the link leads to the wiki.

    The wiki has its own domain name but is a part of the DiabloFans community. As staff, we strive to encourage integration of all parts of DiabloFans, including the wiki, in order to have the most productive, influential, engaging, and fun Diablo franchise-based community on the Internet.

    The wiki staff members represented on the forum board have purple names and are called Sysops You can learn more about them in the previous section.

    The Report-a-Post Function
    If you find a post or thread which you think violates any of the official board rules, you can report it by clicking on "Report" in the lower right-hand corner of every post. This will alert the Administrators and/or Moderators currently on the site, who will investigate it and take action accordingly.

    This section contains a list of links that may or may not be useful to you. From all the and staff, we wish you a warm and hearty welcome as well as a long and active membership - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

    Supporting big shoulderpads and flashy armor since 2004.
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