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    I'm not sure where else to post this so I'm posting it here.Not even real sure how to explain it but im having trouble getting links to videos on the main page to show up. Like links to youtube vids that are posted for us to watch. All I get is a box outline with the "no smoking" looking symbol in the upper left hand corner. I am running Windows 8 and cant figure out why it isn't working it isn't just this site and it isn't all videos but I cant right click and get link info or anything like that . I have unchecked the active x filter which worked on some sites but not this one .Might even just need a browser extension or something but I'm not sure which one.If anyone has any ideas or solutions I would appreciate it a ton
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    Found the problem for anyone that reads this and has the same problem apparently if you use the tracking protection option in windows 8 and don't let google track you it blocks all the content they own such as youtube so video links back to youtube are disabled. Have to go into manage add ons and disable tracking protection. Sorry to waste a post on this .thanks in advance to any one that answers this
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    First of all, thanks for posting what seems to be the fix for you; let's hope others who have the same problem deem this to be helpful.

    I tried to reproduce what you mention, but I don't get it. I have Windows 8, too, and no problem at all. Since you mention Active X I guess you're using Internet Explorer (I'm using Chrome, no problems at all); I tried IE10, went to and watched the video on the main site. No problem. Windows 8 is freshly installed and I didn't touch the security settings. Care to elaborate how I can reproduce what happened to you? In general a "prevent tracking" mechanism sounds quite useful from time to time.
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    Thanks for checking in on this Bagstone. From what I can figure I downloaded a Stop Google Tracking tracking protection addon and then a generic tracking list .I don't think it is something that comes with the browser . As far as I can remember I had to download and enable it .There are a few out there to choose from but I had no idea it would do this which as you said is rather nice to have and apparently works rather well .But at least if anyone in the future has this problem there is an easy fix for it .Just to be clear you have to go into the manage add-ons in the tools drop down or tracing protection under the safety drop down in IE10 in the bottom pain of the pop up window there is a link to get "tracking protection list".
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    Good to know. I have DoNotTrackMe installed for Chrome - can recommend this very much to people who want a tracking blocker - but it's deactivated right now. In most cases I don't care about the tracking and if I do, I just open an incognito window. However, if I'll turn it on by any chance I'll remember this thread, thanks ;-)
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