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    Here is a link to the terms of use and it seems that anyone who has read the datamined information or obtains it from/within is going against them.


    12. Restrictions and Conditions of Use.

    No Data Mining.

    You agree that you will not (a) obtain or attempt to obtain any information from the Service or any Game using any method not expressly permitted by Blizzard; ( B) intercept, examine or otherwise observe any proprietary communications protocol used by a Game client or the Service, whether through the use of a network analyzer, packet sniffer or other device; © use any third-party software to collect information from or through a Game client or the Service, including without limitation information about your character, any Account registered to you, virtual items, other players, or other Game data.
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    does anyone find it strange that releases "datamined" information to the public and receives no action from blizzard? funny how blizzard sent a bunch of items to give away for christmas in their sweepstakes with this going on.
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    You'll have to ask them. Nobody here will be able to tell you why.

    But maybe, just maybe, it's because they cannot know whether or not we datamine the info ourselves or just get the datamined info from someone else (cause, you know, it's the internet?).

    The info is just reported as news (we don't tell people to use program X to datamine stuff), and they know it would be unfair if they didn't allow official fansites to just report on something that can be found anywhere. The non-official fansites would get a huge (and unfair, tbh) advantage.

    It's not strange. It's pretty normal, and actually quite logical that they don't punish us for doing that.

    That clause exists "just in case" they need to take action. It's not something they'll actively try to enforce unless they feel it's needed. We have those in real life contracts sometimes (usually involving industrial/intellectual property).
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    ya if the police caught me in possession of crack cocaine it would be totally fine!!! you know why? cause i didnt make it myself! i just simply obtained it.

    the terms of use are plain as day. blizzard doesnt want their information datamined so why does one of their major fan based websites "obtain" and release this information? it seems to me that a network analyzer/packet sniffer is a device that a hacker would use, so you are telling me is involved with secret hackers? wow! what a great business!!!! i bet you make tons of money from your ads on the days those "datamined" info is released i dont think ent finds that cute.
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    but none the less im done here im waiting for my account to be deleted you can delete it for me if you like.
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