Moderation of the Trading Forum?!

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    Just browsed through there and saw a bunch of "watch John the Man Dingo fighting Billy Ray Cyrus" threads. Wasn't for sure if there was away to remove those to clean up the trading areas.

    I don't necessarily get on all the time under my account but I am constently checking the forum through my phone which I don't have my account logged into. If you need more moderators I would be glad to help if it is feasible to do so from a phone.
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    When you see those, let us know by using the Report button below the post, so our moderators get a big red alert on their user interface and we can flag the guy as a bot.

    It's not very common for these spam-threads to appear on the Trading forums, they usually appear on non-D3 General Discussion, Fan Art, Introduction, Fan Fiction, so those are the places we usually check.

    Anyways, thanks for spotting that. Every now and then new moderators get recruited, so keep an eye out for that or talk to Daemaro, Boubouille and Molster to apply for a spot.
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    Sorry if it seems like I am now spamming you guys with reports. I generally see them in the recent topics and try to catch them there.
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