Last diablofans poll completely missed the point

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    Ofcourse the nerf is justified , we all agree on this , but people just wanted to see it nerfed to like 200-300k or something, so you actually feel like infernal machine is worth the time.There should really be an option on the poll that says , it should be nerfed , but not as much as it has been now. I'm pretty sure loads of people are in that category that can't really voice their opinion with these poll options.

    EDIT : why the hell do people not want account bound items to be the best item there is? Do you really like buying items on RMAH that much?
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    what? You either agree it was justified or you don't. If you don't think it should have been nerfed that hard, then you hit no. The poll is fine.

    Also, REALLY a 200-300k proc? And an often proc at that. 200-300k is a pretty big hit for most, and it would have made this ring instant BIS forever.

    But now as it stands, it has the chance to roll perfect DPS stats, with a nice damage proc AND 35% exp. Quit saying people were only going to farm for the proc, because if anything the 35% is what makes it worth it's time.
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    I'll move this to the Site Suggestions forum.
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    200-300k proc could be fine because ring is much like every other ring after hiting paragon 100 ...
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