Indefensible one week ban.

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    My one week ban is now over.

    I would like to know why you people banned someone for one whole week for such comment.

    The comment was relevant and related to the other answers.

    "You can say what you want about Blizzard and Diablo 3, but for me they still broke this game with AH & RMAH."

    I don't see any plausible answers as to why my ban was deserved. No excuses, nothing. Admin said troll/derailing thread - but my answer was formulated because of the previous comments on the post. I just stated my mind as to what broke the game - which was what the previous posters were talking about.

    168 hour ban for stating your mind.

    Diablofans = North Korea ?
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    You might want to give the context of the thread and the posts you were replying to as well. There's nothing in your current post to suggest that your ban was unfair. If you feel strongly, the onus of proof is on you to show it was not a derailing/troll post.
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    Aha? I seek attention? Care?

    Seriously, if you dislike something about the moderators behaviour the best way is not to make a thread in the forum. It's to PM them directly.
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    You didn't get banned for just that comment, you got banned for multiple infractions to the forum rules.

    You should get another one for public discussion of moderation (another infraction to the forum rules), instead I'll jjust take my time trying to actually help you and just close the thread.

    If you wish to discuss moderation, either PM the moderator(s) who infracted you or Daemaro (the moderation manager) or Molster. If you are right and have been wrongly infracted, it will be discussed internally and your infraction/ban will be removed.

    You might also wanna check the forum rules as well.
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