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    Hello, we do have a +1 function or a "like" function (I don't know what to call it, the reputation system?) for posts where you can up vote other people's posts. The main problem I see with it is "Visibility" and "Clarity of Function". I know that if I find a good post (but mainly only on posts) id press +1. I didn't do that to begin with, because I didn't really notice it or know what it was.

    Do any1 have any great ideas for what we can do in order to improve this function? How can we make it more visible and more obvious what it is, and make people press it more often.
    Also, as I have understood it is directly connected to the thing on your profile which from 0 to 10 is neutral, from 11 to somewhere else is good etc, maybe mousing over that should explain the system?
    Maybe make a sticky in this forum section about what it is? (Though this isn't the most visited forum section...)

    (only on these problems, thanks, if you want a down-vote function, this threads intention is not to discuss that).
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    sorry, nvm
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