Homepage looks weird

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    I just made a screenshot of the homepage and attached it. I'm using Google Chrome on 100% zoom. It's usually not like this. Working as intended?

    EDIT: Sorry, but it's the first time I'm uploading a picture on this site lol

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    I think it's stupid. Really, IMO, it sucks shit since Sixen left.
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    Yes, isn't there a beta site where you can test stuff? Pushing unfinished stuff on the Main Page.. come on, srsly?
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    I was about to post the same thing, been happening for a few days now. The layout works in IE, but I use Chrome, and that third box is supposed to be merged with the first one.
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    works fine in chrome, just refresh the page (hard refresh), But it does happen more since last push/ (after a hard refreash tho it has not happend at all), will get people to look at it

    Quote from Shebnumi

    I think it's stupid. Really, IMO, it sucks shit since Sixen left.

    you do know its the same devs..so that statement was kinda.. pointless?
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    Same here on Chrome 19 (even after 'hard refresh'). The issue seems to be related to the javascript not working on the "blue posts" module. Good luck !
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    Same problem here, Chrome 19.01....
    Had this problem a while ago aswell, but it seems to be returned.
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    Strange... I use firefox, I had this problem for a few days, didn't really annoy me that much but I did find it to be irritating after the third day. Then all of a sudden it just fixed itself up.
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    its javascript. i run noscript and if i activate scripts temporary it looks fine. are you sure you have activated it?
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    I have another problem in firefox 13.0.1 and in 14.0.1 the homepage needs very long time to fully load and the browser often gets freezed several seconds if i try to scroll or change the tab.
    That issu is only on the diablofans Homepage, all other sites load quick and run smoothly
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