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    A symptom has occured for a few weeks now, that is starting to be highly annoying. I write it here partly to hear if I'm the only one experiencing it and to raise a flag if I'm not.

    Whenever I open the site in either a new tab or a fresh window, the site take roughly 2-3 seconds extra to load because of all the ads. During this time, the browser can even stop responding because of the heavy load and will resume functionality when the ads are loaded.

    I don't know who manages your ads - But the current loadtimes that you are getting, are having a major impact on my experience at least.

    Am I the only one?
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    i use adblock :o
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    Quote from Gnarf

    i use adblock :o

    I understand why you would, but to be fair, it shouldn't be necessary to have browser-addons to view a page optimally in terms of loadtimes :)
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    Some ads are worse then others in terms of loadtime, some of them are videos that pre-load before playing, some gather information about your pc, like what browser you're using what version, what OS you're using etc etc, each of these can have different impacts on loadtime, and majority of the time ads that do this need to be reported to the websites admin so they can filter out the ones causing the most issue.

    But, if you're not willing to spend time looking at each ad to find out which ones cause you the most issues and report them i suggest you download adblock which is a lightweight addon for chrome and firefox, and if you still wish to support sites by letting ads load you can whitelist the site and all ads will load from it and you can manually blacklist ads.
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    Hi Alucard_Tnuoc.

    Thank you for the explanation. However i am fully aware of the Adblock extension to Chrome and use it at home. Currently I am at work, but that's beside the point.

    I realize that you can just install it and it will fix it. However, as I stated as a response to Gnarf, I don't find it optimal that you should install a browser-extension to view a page optimally. In all fairness it shouldn't be in Diablofans ballcourt either, but the ad-agency they are using.

    My suggestion is to raise a flag to the ad-agency and let them know that some of their ads drastically decreases loadtime on their page. It should be in their best interest to provide the service, with little to no impact on their clients webpages.
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    Simply report any ads that you find to have a long load time, and those can be added to our filter.
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