All Uber T6 down !

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    Hey guys, we just wanted to post that we managed to kill all the Uber bosses on Torment 6 difficulty ! We have no idea if we were the first, but hey, worth a shot !

    We didn't really expect to be able to, so we only took screenshots of after the fights (ie, showing the empty realms with the tag torment VI on the top right screen :) I know this has been done during beta, but I didn't find any information about it being done during live servers !
    If this is redundant info, well, we are still really pleased we have done it :D (although we haven't managed to get all 4 materials, 50% drop rate too strong ! :P)
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    Congrats, an accomplishment I prolly wont be able to do for a while. One question though.....

    and it REALLY bothers me about this... like


    You don't even understand....

    How have you not opened the mail in the bottom left corner of your screen drives me crazy when it's there!
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    Gratz :D you did it as 2x wizz + wd or you had some melee with you as well?
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    @Vyce : The mail is just the Diablo III collector's edition (original d3, not ROS) digital rewards, ie: angelic wings + dyes. Everytime I take one out, another one pops in xD

    @Minon : We were just 2 wizzards and 1 WD (me). Our melee was my gargantuan ! So OP ! :P
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    NB: I copy/pasted this thread to the general page, where I feel it is more suited. I'm fairly new to this forum, so I hadn't realised I posted in the wrong section :)
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    Did this the day after release
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    after 2 months of ROS release its a tad bit presumptuous you would think to be first
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    Quote from Hellfury
    after 2 months of ROS release its a tad bit presumptuous you would think to be first

    except that this thread was made 2 months ago... GG
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