Blizzcon in a Box Contest

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    Game title: SoonTM

    ...Coming SoonTM
    Not even Death will save you from Diablo Bunny's Cuteness!

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    Blizzcon Drinking Game! (How original)

    Requirements: Alchohol, friends, and a good time!

    Drink whenever Metzen says "For the Horde!" or "For the Alliance!"

    Drink whenever a developer says something to the effect of "Maybe? You'll just have to see for yourself"

    Drink whenever, during a Q&A, someone asks Metzen to do one of his voices.

    Drink whenever someone dresses up in Paladin T2 during costume contest.

    Drink whenever you see a fan make a rock symbol with their hand during a camera pan.

    You should be drunk within the first hour or so.
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    Title: 20 Questions Blizzard Edition

    Materials Needed; None (or prizes if you want to give those out)

    Goal: To have fun with friends

    Rules: Whoever decides to go first thinks of a random character from the Blizzard universe. The group asks him questions about his character that can be answered with yes or no. The group has to guess the other person's character in 20 questions or less. Whoever guesses the character gets to think of a new character for the group (and gets a prize if you're giving them out).
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    Blizzcon Strip Brawler Championchip

    Objective : Be first to win a brawler match while your toon is naked. (cannot remove weapon(s) or offhand)

    Rules :
    1- Each participants much choose an "expression" or "sentence" of Blizzard Entertainment. (must be different for each players)
    2- Watch BlizzCon streams
    3- When "expression" or "sentence" is mentionned on stream, player that choosed that expression get to choose who he will be fighting against in a Diablo 3 brawler match
    4- A brawler match is made in Diablo 3 (can change skills to adapt for each opponent)
    5- The winner must then remove 1 piece of gear.(cannot remove weapon or offhand)
    6- Continue to watch BlizzCon stream till another expression is mentionned.

    And let the first Blizzcon Strip Brawler be crowned !

    PS: make sure to add some drink to the party !
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    Step 1: Buy some strong drinks.
    Step 2: Drink every time you see a cosplayer on screen.
    Step 3: Survive until the show ends.
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    Treasure Goblinata

    Step 1: Build a pinata designed to look like Treasure Goblins.

    Step 2: Fill it with an assortment of goodies.

    Step 3: Hide it somewhere in the house or yard.

    Step 4: Have all party members hunt it out and smash it open Office Space style!

    Step 5: Eat your loot!!!!
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    This of course has to be a drinking game, but the "word" drinking game has been done to death. It could be done with a twist if people get cards with their own "words" or "actions" and get to *assign* drinks if that thing comes up.

    Instead I present to you: Blizzcon Scharades/Celebrity! (drink every time you lose! or win!)

    Split it up into two sides...Horde and Alliance of course. You can play old school scharades or adapt the rules of celebrity. In Celebrity, there are three rounds. In the first round, you can say anything you want and use actions. In the second round, you get one word and actions. The last round only allows actions. The rounds end when all the names have been said, and then the names are put again in the pot for the subsequent rounds. Each team has 1:30 to guess as many names as possible. The team with the most guesses, wins! It's nice for people who aren't as good at scharades because they get to hear the possibilities first.

    Each person puts in 7 names without sharing it to their team.

    Example names to put in the hat:
    Malfurion Stormrage
    Tyrande Whisperwind]
    Mankrik's Wife

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    For anyone under 21 :S

    Game: Blizz Accents

    Materials: Knowledge is power

    Goal: Fun!

    Rules: Every time you see a cosplayer you must talk in the accent of whomever they are dressed as; until another cosplayer is seen.
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    Blizzcon Uno!

    - Gathering around the screen with friends each one has a small bell infront of them.
    - Whenever the word "Blizzcon" is said everyone must ring the bell,
    - Last Person to ring the bell must take a shot
    - First Person to ring selects shot.

    -Anyone who rings the bell, when no one says "Blizzcon" has their bell placed 6 feet away from them.

    Good Luck at Blizzcon! Because this year at Blizzcon I am sure they will announce if not at this Blizzcon that at the next Blizzcon new games.
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    The following is required...
    Monster (or any other type of energy drink)
    Blizzard Official Game manuals and boxes

    Know your lore...

    This game will be restricted too the following...

    WarCraft manuals and boxes
    Diablo manuals and boxes
    StarCraft manuals and boxes

    Since lore changes so much over the years as new Blizzard games come out this game will be restricted to only the lore given in the official manuals, The lore can be taken from any WarCraft, StarCraft or Diablo games and any of their OFFICIAL expansions.

    Here are the rules...

    For each question asked whoever gets the question wrong has to take a gulp of energy drink and will have to face off once two or more people have missed the same answer they must then duel each other in Diablo 2. The winner will then become the next host to ask the question the loser will have to take another swig of monster/energy drink. If the loser loses 5 diablo 2 duels he must then play a match of StarCraft or WarCraft and if he/she loses that match that loser must then drink an entire can of energy drink. The drinking of an energy drink should help to temporary increase the skills of the losing player. We hope! The winner gets bragging rights and can choose a few his or her favorite energy drinks to take as spoils....


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    PK101 2.0
    Players 1-3 excluding yourself.
    You will need - 1.Beer or another alcoholic beverage
    2. Level 60 Hardcore Diablo 3 toon.
    3. 1-3 Random Hardcore players.
    4. Webcam, Fraps(or other recording program), and Youtube account (optional)
    Train a bunch of mobs to the center of town where people log in. Don't die yourself! Say in chat that you have a specific npc / mob up that people are looking for - an achievement npc works well. Invite people to your game. Drink a beer everytime you "kill" another player. Record the game. Record yourself getting drunk and having a good time. The next day when you are sober post video to youtube and become an instant star.
    Invite friends over to your house. Make bets with them on how many people you can "kill" before you are too drunk to continue.
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    Blizzcon 3 Door Surprise.
    Get a deck of Playing cards and remove # cards higher than 6's. Leave Kings, Queens and Jacks.
    Everyone gets dealt 3 cards faced down.
    When criteria are met, everyone picks one card from their 3 set.
    Red cards are dealt out to others, Black are dealt to you.
    Cards Ace-6: Number of drinks to take or hand out/take.
    Cards 7-10: Leafed out on the table ready to be drawn, Only Hearts are always handed to others.
    Jack: Draw one card from the table. Black drinks for yourself, Red drinks to hand out. You can get out of self drinks with drawing a Heart.
    Queen: Draw two cards from the table. Always hand out drinks unless table draw is Heart. Heart table draw is a self drink.
    King: Draw three cards from the table. Kings always hand out drinks.

    Everyone writes out 3 predictions for the panel. Get a prediction right and you pick one of your cards. The Card get replaced by one of the ace-6 deck cards remaining. Get all three predictions and you get to draw from the table safe from self drinks. You create Universal Panel criteria that go for everyone, when met everyone draws a card.

    universal examples:
    Greg Street on the Panel: Pick one card
    Metzen yells "For the horde" : Pick two Cards
    samwise on a Panel: Pick a card
    Illidan Cosplay: Pick a card
    Spot a Gnome! : Pick two cards
    Blizzard Panelist avoids answering a question: Pick a card
    New Expansion reveal: Pick two Cards
    Titan question is dodged: pick a Card
    "Soon" : Pick a card

    Any Arena/Starcraft match: Pick a Grand Champ before start: If they win, just like drawing a king. Pick three cards from the table and hand them out.
    Picking the winning team draws a card.

    Objective is to have fun and Drink! The more universal rules you make, the more fun!
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    Blizzcon Pool - a simple betting game
    1. Set up a game board with 10 columns and 10 rows.
    2. Have players take turns picking a random box until all the boxes are claimed. (Towards the end when there are more players than boxes try to split them up evenly with multiple players per box.)
    3. Randomly assign columns and rows numbers 0-9, using numbers in a hat, playing cards, dice, etc.
    4. Prior to a panel discussion, everyone antes up. (cash, in-game gold, booze, whatever)
    5. Assign two words for the columns and rows depending on the panel topic. Alliance and Horde would be good choices for a Wow panel. Malthael and Crusader would be good choices for a Diablo panel. Etc, etc.
    6. Have someone keep track of the number of times those words are used during the panel discussion.
    7. The winner of the pot is the one who has the box corresponding to the last digit of the word counts for both words.
    8. Ante up again and pick two new words for the next panel.
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    game name: the champions pot

    *durring any pvp/raid face off player pick a team.
    *whenever a player from that team dies ther person pays 1$ to the pot
    *the pot is split after that game to whomever chose the winning team.

    simple, easy to play, and a way to make the match ups for games you dont specifically play alot more interactive and enjoyable :D

    durring wow raids it can get intense when a wipe happens to haha so be prepared to pay up to win big :P
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    Name: Blizz-boo
    Objective: Score as many points as your team can to become victorious!
    Rules: Basically a Blizzard Version of Taboo. Make cards beforehand with a Blizzard related word at the top and five words listed below that cannot be said during the guessing trial.
    1. Form teams and decide which team will go first. Amongst the teams, choose a player to go first.
    2. Start a 60 second timer and try to get your teammates to guess as many main words as possible.
    3. You get a point for each card you guess correctly. You lose a point for using one of the five words or passing a card.
    4. Add your points up at the end. Whichever team has the most points wins the game.
    See an example card that I made below:
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    • Name: Hero of Blizzcon
    • Description: Hero of Blizzcon is an RPG set within the realm of Blizzcon 2013. Each player takes on the role of an attendee that has to use wit and tenacity to complete certain tasks in order to become the hero of blizzcon.
    • Objective and the rules: The objective is to make meaningful choices that eventually lead you to become the one and only hero of blizzcon (the person with the most points at the end of blizzcon). Part of these objectives are realized by causing your opponents to fail. Here are a few RPG elements that can be modified by the group before gameplay begins but you should create an additional 15-20 as a group:
    • Get autographs from the entire WoW development panel: During the WoW development panel, roll a 20 sided dice, if you roll 17 or higher you get the autographs. Roll a 12 sided dice. If you roll a 6 or greater you can remove 1 signature from an opponent for however much you roll above 6. For example someone who rolls a 12 can remove 6 signatures. Whoever has the most signatures gets a point.
    • Whenever a zerg player wins a match in the WCS tournament roll a 20 sided dice. If you roll a 15 or higher get a point. Roll a 12 sided dice. If you roll a 6 or higher then you gain 1 bonus point if the zerg player makes 6 zerglings within the first 4 minutes of the next match.
    • If at any point there is mention of the crusader class each player rolls a 20 sided dice. Whoever rolls a 18 or higher first gets a point.
    GL HF!
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    Game: Blizzcon Seer

    Goal: To collect the most points by having the most accurate predictions.

    • One sheet of paper per person playing.
    • Writing utensils.
    • A score-sheet or tokens to represent points.
    • Blizzcon Virtual Ticket
    1. Distribute paper and writing utensils.
    2. Have everyone write down an agreed upon number of predictions for each major Blizzard game or panel. Do this before each panel starts.
    3. Put predictions out of reach of everyone as panel starts. No changing is allowed at this point.
    4. Assign points based on accuracy of predictions.
    5. The person with the most points after a panel is the winner of that game.
    • 0 Points: There is nothing in your prediction that resembles what has been announced.
    • 1 Point: There is a very small similarity between your prediction and something that has been announced.
    • 2 Points: There is a moderate similarity between your prediction and something that has been announced, but your prediction is less than 50% accurate.
    • 3 Points: There is a visible similarity between your prediction and something that has been announced, and your prediction is more than 50% accurate.
    • 4 Points: There is a clear and undeniable similarity between your prediction and something that has been announced, and your prediction is more than 75% accurate.
    • 5 Points: Your prediction is 100% accurate and matches something announced completely.
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    I love a good game of Bingo. So here we go!

    Title: Blizzcon 2013 Bingo

    Objective: Get five in a row. This can be modified or completely changed depending on what the group wants. I did my best to spread out easy squares and hard squares so the game lasts longer, and tried to vary things so it'd be interesting. I think you can tell where I began running out of ideas...

    Bingo card (png) (psd)

    Bingo card template (png) (psd) for any who want a blank version.

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Post constructively or I'll press some different buttons next time.
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    BlizzCon Bingo 2013


    BlizzCon Bingo is just like regular bingo, except you just have to see or hear what is in the boxes. Then you cross it off.


    The objective is to cross off 5 boxes in a row, either up/down, left/right, or diagonal. Then you yell BINGO. Winnar.


    No cheating.
    You better also have a prize, or that would be lame.
    You'd also want multiple randomized sheets so if you are watching the stream with a group everyone doesn't make the exact same lines.
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    Game Title: Blizzcon Risk!

    Items Required

    Small-scale Pewter/Plastic figurines representing a few units from each faction of each Blizzard game (Painting is optional, but highly recommended).

    A Risk-style board consisting of a complete territory map of Azeroth, including all zones of the primary 4 continental regions + islands/Maelstrom. For a larger/longer game, add a dashed line to connect the Blasted Lands to Outland.

    Some dice; go for 12 and 18-sided to make it more interesting B)

    Risk Cards

    Rubber suction darts


    Conquer the World of Warcraft in an unbridled fury as your favorite faction!


    1. Start by tuning into one of the multi-game panels.
    2. Next, toss a rubber suction dart at the monitor while one of your friends pauses the stream.
    3. Play as that character's faction!
    4. Repeat as needed for the rest of the room. If you have a repeat hit, flip a coin to choose between the remaining factions in that game.
    5. Play the game in the same style as Risk!
    6. While executing an attack, you must perform a battle-cry in the same voice/method of the faction that you are representing.
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