Announcing the DiabloFans "Site Update" Beta, Diablo 3 For PS3 and Xbox 360 Giveaway

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    Definitely looking forward to offline mode . . . server lag in a game I seldom play with anyone else is quite frustrating.
    I would prefer a PS3 copy of the game :)
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    I have to go with loot 1.5. The loot is whats holding me back from playing diablo on pc right now. I would also love to play with my friends who have gotten it!

    If I am chosen I would like the 360 version.
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    I chose removal of the Auction House. The AH in D3 PC is poorly implemented and ruins the entire loot system. The game is better off without it.

    If I win I'd like a copy of the game for PS3.
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    I chose loot 1.5 because with no AH we need a serious way to get gear...

    360 version plzzz
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    Offline mode
    Because that way I'm not forced into something, like being connected to server all the time :)

    XBOX360 owner, thx
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    Loot 1.5 - The loot system although random was never (previously in d2) so random that EVERY legendary you get is effectively guaranteed to be garbage. The new loot system has made me actually excited to see a legendary drop again. When you see that oragngy/goldy beam of light its like instantly your a 3 year old with your parents in an old timey candy shop and you just cant wait to see what you got but you know its going to be AWESOME!!!!

    Playing the demo the game feels so well thought out and plays so amazingly well, I wish this had launched first or with the PC version.

    If chosen I would like the Xbox version.
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    I voted for no auction house because I want to play the game to get items. Right now maybe 1/5000 yellows are good when you play PC so you're forced to go to the auction house. I hope I win the Xbox 360 one!
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    I picked "Local Coop Up to 4 players", because a good game becomes a great game when you can enjoy it with your friends.

    Xbox360 please and thank you.
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    Local coop 4 player seems to be the best option for simple reason of most fun factor when having friends over. Having a couple of friends over on the weekend for some drinks and Hell minion slaying is just tops.

    D3 on the PS3 for me!
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    The Dodge Function.

    I have watched couple of videos and played at my friends house for little bit and it was so awesome. I wish we had something easy to use on PC. It is so well done and fun to use also!

    Would like Xbox360 version!
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    I chose the 4 player local co op because my fiancee has been interested in playing games with me lately, and our 4 year old daughter would be able to create a character and play along with us!

    Xbox is the family platform of choice
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    I voted for the local coop mode. Nothing beats playing Diablo on a couch with 3 of your favorite people. Plus we've made a few drinking games out of it and it has been a blast. You get that social aspect that isn't found in the PC version.

    However, I've been one of those who has the PC version and can't really bring myself to buy the same game twice. Although I do play it with friends. So, I would need the Xbox 360 version to keep the game alive.
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    Certainly looking forward to the loot 1.5, it'll be nice to get more meaningful upgrades so that I don't get gibbed in HC because of weaker gear while trying to grind out those levels. I'd rather die because I did something foolish than fall over dead because my gear wasn't quite up to snuff (even for MP 0) after grinding for a few days.

    Xbox 360 would be great :D
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    I chose the 4 player coop. I have already demo'd the game on my Xbox 360 with the free downloadable demo. Already i have sucked 2 new friends into the game just playing the demo. I haven't justified buying it myself yet since I'm so invested in the PC version already.

    But if i were to get it for my Xbox 360 i would definitely be getting my friends over for long nights of demon slaying and cold beers. Much more convenient then filling up my basement with 4 PCs in order for us all to play together.
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    I chose Local coop, my wife and i have been looking for a game to play together, and seeing how the only other real competition for coop rpg's on the ps3 are fps's like borderlands, I'm really interested in getting this. Not sure if im too late for the contest to finish up,
    if i am, oh well,
    if not I'd take it for the PS3
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    I picked local 4 player Co-op. I feel as if traveling through Diablo 3's universe with 3 of your friends side by side could be a marvelous experience. Couch side co-op takes me back to the hey day of co-op games and has an extremely nostalgic feel to it. I would like the PS3 version and hopefully I hear from you all soon!
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    i chose loot 1.5 because it brought a new look on the game instead of just a few items that are good. it made it much funner to level.

    xbox 360 plz
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    Picked loot 1.5
    Definitely a much needed improvement. Loot on PC version is just so ridiculous.

    Hope loot 2.0 rolls out soon.

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