Diablo III Auction House is Shutting Down on March 18, 2014

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    This is excellent news. Though in all honesty, Loot 2.0 kind of makes this news meaningless to me.

    The whole problem for me was that the AH was the tool you used to get the gear needed to play the game. Progression was just saving up gold(or buying it with money if you were so inclined) to buy enough gear so you could play on a tougher MP level.

    Now you can play the game, get drops that let you player on higher MP levels, and get more loot faster, so you can play even higher levels. All self sustained.

    What made the AH evil was its necessitiy to be successful in the game. The whole pay-to-win model that it imposed.

    Good riddance I say.
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    Lame. With expansion and all these new changes, I was going to give d3 another try... Making some real $$$ once in a while was fun. Now grinding will be unrewarding...
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    Quote from Evolution85
    The problem with the AH was it turned the game into one where you play for the slim chance to get a drop good enough not to use on your own character, but to sell on the AH. Every piece of gear I have is from the AH. Because the drops suck, period. Itemization has been trash since day one. Instead of playing the game to improve my toons and experience the thrill of getting that awesome legendary or set piece, I play, praying that I get something that might sell on the AH so I can buy that better piece.

    It's nothing to do with itemization.

    The problem is not that drops "suck" or that itemization is "trash".

    The problem is that you're comparing your drops to the drops listed on the AH by all the millions of other players. And of course, the chance of you finding something better than what is listed by the bucketload is incredibly tiny.

    But there is literally nothing that could be done to drop rates that would change this situation. It would just move the goalposts of what you considered trash. Even if every second drop was legendary, you'd be in the situation where every piece of gear you had was from the AH, because you could get perfect legendaries with maximums in key stats for 20,000 gold, whereas you'd never seen anything drop yourself with perfect stats.

    Quote from Evolution85
    I am glad to see the team returning to the roots that made the Diablo franchise one of the greatest franchises of all time.


    By the way, I completely agree with you that this is a good move!! Just disagree with your analysis as to why it is a good move. :)
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    Well, this is something I didn't expect but makes me very happy.

    I play self found single player since release and like it that way (give me offline and I'd explode of joy)

    Yet I can see that a safe trading envyronment would add to the experience for those players who likes it and I wouldn't have any problem with an AH which does not affect the game so much (like items drop ratio, just to make an example).

    Unfortunately AH in D3 was also a great limiting factor when it came down to development and new features: every time Blizz thought to implement something they had to ask themselves "will this work well with the current AH system?".....most often the answer was no.

    So BoA made its comeback.

    Now they have more freedom in what they plan and this is a good thing in itself.

    For all the guys who likes to trade I hope Blizz come up with a reliable trading system, just one that's not mandatory to play the game at its fullest.

    To Maka and the other fellows who, alongside my humble self, since before release were sayng "this AH system will ruin the game!": :cheers:
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    Back to the good ol days!!!!!
    May the heroes rise from the pit of despair and the bards sing of the day of death renewed to everlasting
    immortality....awaiting your return to the lands of Sanctuary may peace be with you on this day...your day of birth.

    The Crew
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    Made my cry... thank you Blizz, fire the fat guy.
    [Real Money Auction House] DISGUSTING ITEM!
    - 1 to all skills
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    guys lets be also realistic here

    Blizzard didn't just announce that because after 1,5 years they remembered the fans and they loved us.
    no. there is always numbers and statistics behind this decision!

    here are the true reasons why Blizzard decided to shut down the AH.
    • Console players do not have one, so they feel they have "less" options compared to the PC users, so they will not buy the game. Now they have a reason to feel they do not belong to "second class"
    • after 1,5 years well actually its 2 years when the AH will be closed, Blizzard had made a HUGE amount of cash! BUT not lately! you see the past few months, i see in the AH that people if they are going to spend Real Money they will do it just to buy ingame GOLD. Not items. with this Gold, then they are buying items from the Gold AH. So Blizzard loses a lot of the commissions since not many Real Money transactions are taking place anymore! So is costing more to them now to have it.
    • At the end, they said "hey isn't that what the players always wanted"?. Lets give it to them now, and say it was a decision Just for the best of the core gameplay.
    • Finally by doing number 3, they are restoring faith to the Company so many more will want to buy the next expansion(s), so Blizzard will make even more money from true sales, rather the low commissions from AH.

    So everybody is happy!

    only one thing to say. Nice Marketing Blizzard. Smart, Wise, well played! :Thumbs Up:
    now give us also an Offline mode and LAN :)
    No More Auction House!
    My faith is restored to them :Thumbs Up:
    Now just give us and a offline mode like sc2 B)
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    Quote from nadenitza

    Problem is everything revolved around the AH - trading and gameplay. You play for selling shit on the AH, to flip, snipe and farm gold so you can gear your char.

    And in the same way, D2 revolved around trading channels. Was it better? I don't think so.
    And again, the difference between D2 and D3 is not the trading methods, but the sheer undertuning of D2 because it was meant to be playable offline.

    Also, the other major economy difference between D2 and D3 is the absence of a way of getting items out of the market, either through character death (for SC) or ladder (for D2). THAT is a fundamental problem.

    Quote from nadenitza

    Only a lunatic would go self found in that environment couse it's not meant for it due to the bad itemization witch takes the AH into account.

    And a lot of people played entirely self-found in D2? Especially all those with high-end runewords? Everyone traded (and duped, and hacked).
    And again, it is much more possible to play self-found in D2 because of its tuning.

    Quote from nadenitza

    Time spent in game means almost nothing especially till you get to inferno. It means nothing afterwards too if you don't get extremely lucky with a semi-good items... that you realize you need to sell on the AH to get gold to get gear... from the AH. Am blunt here but it's basically just that.

    I understand your point, but that means AH needs additional fixes to prevent flipping and sniping. Removing it completely is basically recognizing that you're incompetent in game economy balancing (which Josh apparently is).

    Quote from nadenitza

    I don't follow the news and dunno if they have a different method to facilitate trading, if you take a decision of such magnitude you have a back up plan. Maybe they have something planned?

    In this case, their communication was handled extremely poorly and someone should be hanged for that to make an example. :(

    Quote from nadenitza

    On the point of third party sites - well people should know better but who am i to judge? If they wanna use em let em use em, if they got their info stolen who's to blame? No one but themselfs.

    Because people act totally rationally. Right.

    Quote from nadenitza

    Even with the AH, tp sites still run rampart and blizz does not seem waging legal war against em.

    Of course they're not waging legal wars against them, since they're doing the same thing. However, if you remove the AH, they'll probably have to change the EULA accordingly and forbid selling game items and gold (although gold will be much less useful with such a model) for real money. And THEN they'll have to wage legal wars, exactly like they do with WOW gold selling sites.
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    Quote from brx

    This is the only acceptable middle ground. No one enjoyed the ah, it was not a convenience but a necessity and made people quit the game.

    Because getting scammed in trade channels will totally make people stay?

    Also, of course it was a necessity, because of how the game was tuned in the first place. In D2, you could play self-found because the game was undertuned. In D3, you have much more difficult modes (e.g. Inferno MP10). Also, in D2, you had ladders to periodically remove items from the economy, which you don't have in D3.

    What we need, consequently, is a way to remove items from the economy, not remove the AH.
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    Quote from brx

    Think for a second, if it was a lose-lose situation they would not have done it.

    Blizzard is not perfect and they have been known to make mistakes (mostly in WoW).
    Josh is a big D2 fan on one hand and a total newbie in running a game with online economy on the other hand, and my guess he simply needs to take off the D2 rose tinted glasses. And since he is currently riding on a high horse as the claimed savior of D3 (as opposed to Jay Wilson) he may have been able to hoodwink the finance guys in Blizz HQ to do that.

    Quote from brx

    Maybe they'll make more money selling expansions than milking the very few people left spending actual money on virtual good like idiots.

    Selling boxes is not enough in today's environment. You gotta have a source of recurrent revenue as well. Which means either RMAH or cash shop.

    Problem is, while a cash shop with transmogs and cosmetic items will totally take care of the recurrent revenue part, it will not take care of user frustration in trade channels. Unless of course, the plan is to make ROS like the console version where legendaries are raining on you and you can beat the game because you sneezed on the monsters. Which would be even more stupid.
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    Quote from Sylak

    Oh yeah?
    Its hard to trade and or sell awesome items when they are BoA. ;)

    They're BOA once they're changed by the mystic (at least that's the current plan).
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    Quote from Highborne_D2

    2) Need to now make all items drop more often, the drop rates of console likely are close to perfect.

    Yeah, so that you're done with the game in ~100 hours and then can shelf it? Great plan.

    Quote from Highborne_D2

    3) No items should ever be BoA now, not Marquise, not Legendaries, not Mystic changes, nothing.

    BOA is needed to get items out of the economy. Either that, or ladder (which has other problems).
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    Mixed feelings here, cause im confused... thought Jay Wilson (aka "The destroyer of franchises") made a connection between "always online" (aka not DRM) and the RMAH/AH to the added experience of diablo 3, in any case the two were intertwined.

    The RMAH was a "contested" subject in many ways eg. 'pay to win' etc, but why remove the AH? I mean it'be useful for trading items.

    Lets agree the problem is the loot, AH could coexist with good loot and trade would be easy, unless i've missed the post on how u'll trade items?
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    Those scoundrels... I knew Blizzard would find a way to make me come back to D3 with open arms!
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    Either way, I suspect RoS, or at least Loot 2.0, will be released shortly after the AH closes down, so probably around April. Sooner then I'd thought.
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    It's so funny time and time again, that I start crying soon, how the only argument about what was bad in d2:lod post 1.10 appearing is highrunes and enigma completly ignoring how good getting equip alrdy was on normal, nightmare and hell before the need to upgrade to rly high rarity item's.

    Crafting thing's I hope make a comeback: Blood recepts and item upgrade recepts(it was possible to get some rly good starter items for endgame by upgrading "normal" and "nightmare" items to their "hell" versions).
    Other stuff: Gambling, rerolling item's, possibility of adding socket's

    So please just go away rune and enigma hater's you're just annoying and blockheaded with your endgame vision. D3 doesn't need endgame a game like D3 needs a "the path is the goal" philosophy and for me D2 executed it rather good because I had fun reaching my self-set goal which was most of the time aroung lvl 80 alrdy. Could I get better gear? Clearly yes! Did I enjoy the game with what I had? YES! Would I have liked to have some of the better stuff? Yes because some of the items where cool and shiny but I was ok with not having them.
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    How to kill bots and 3rd party ah sites

    After shutting down AH and starting loot2, bots and 3rd party sites will rise in popularity again.

    My idea is:
    Only trade with players who you have been friends with for one month or longer.
    So If you are friends with someone for more than one month you can trade with each other, items dont have to be bound to a specific account, just give it to your friends, and make it so items can't be thrown onto the ground.(or make it so you actually can throw it onto the ground, but anyone you are not friends with cannot see it on the ground, unlike with loot.

    This will make a huge, great community. Should kill all bots and make them obsolete.
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    Quote from PunkZoli

    This will make a huge, great community. Should kill all bots and make them obsolete.

    Since friend lists are fairly limited in number, you cannot make a huge community out of them, by definition.
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    About time !
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    Quote from Val3k

    Lame. With expansion and all these new changes, I was going to give d3 another try... Making some real $$$ once in a while was fun. Now grinding will be unrewarding...

    You just blew my mind.
    Playing a game feels unrewarding because you're not making money. I think you might be confusing the concepts of "hobby" and "job".

    Quote from pikke

    To Maka and the other fellows who, alongside my humble self, since before release were sayng "this AH system will ruin the game!": :cheers:

    You know it, buddy.
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