Lore, Mechanics and Beta Interview With Josh Mosqueira, Nephalem Trials Interview, Lylirra Tweets About the Expansion, RoS Conce

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    Wow, kinda surprised that beta should be starting this year. Omg, I can't wait.
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    Quote from Bagstone

    Quote from Ryude

    When asked about whether move speed cap would be increased beyond 25%, Josh evaded it. Something tells me if it gets increased at all, it will be no more than 35%.

    Seeing that maxing movement speed is pretty much mandatory for almost every class+spec, I concur. Also don't see a reason at all for increasing it... the only thing is the "gap" between different max speeds (some are stuck at 25% while TR monks and WW barbs can just wave "bye" and run through the map)

    Remember 3-5 months ago they said that they are going to fix Archon and Fury generation. TR monks are balanced by the fact that their damage output is quite a bit lower than if they weren't using it. Using Archon and WW/sprint offers higher dps than if they weren't, that's OP.
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    Sooooo looking forward to this x-pac. Should fix much of D3's problems and make for an awsome game!
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    I really hope they will add at least 2 more character slots. Have 10 chars at 60 (every class in SC and HC) and would be stupid to need to delete one of those to play crusader really.
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