BlizzCon Costume Contest Q&A, Community Commentary: DiaBro3, What to Include in Visual Customization

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    BlizzCon Costume Contest Q&A
    Since the BlizzCon Costume Contest Sign-ups are open, a lot of questions and concerns have appeared in the passionate cosplayers. Daxxarri takes the time to address many of them over at the official BlizzCon blog. You can check out the ones he's already addressed below and if you're worried about something else cosplay-related, you can drop him an email at [email protected]

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Wow I cant enter because im 17 1/2 not 18? Thats annoying as hell. Is it because of the prize money or something?
    @Zameroth: It's because you're a minor, and legal things etc. Anyway, those under 18 who wish to enter can email me at [email protected], and I'll hook you up with a document that will allow your parent or other legal guardian to give you permission to participate.

    I accidentally input my costume length in the symbol for inches instead of feet. Is this going to effect my chances of being accepted? :(
    @Muffin: Haha, you're fine.

    If your dimensions suggest a body that is smaller than humanly possible, I think we're prepared to accept that it was a typo. As I mentioned elsewhere, if you're concerned that your information was entered incorrectly, you can send corrections, questions, or concerns to [email protected]

    What exactly is supposed to go in the Display Name part? And does the email have to match the email on your account? I just put my usual email, not my account email. >_
    @Lix: You'll receive a confirmation email that you are amongst the 100 confirmed contestants.

    Display name is generally how you wish to be referred to during prizing ceremonies and the like.

    Seriously no weapons?
    @Soilfangz: "Weapons" have never been allowed. The selection of items that you've seen from past Costume Contests are still allowed though.

    Looks like some repeat cosplayers who do the contest every year will likely be screwed, and I already know of some cosplayers who have scrapped designs for some of the big bulkier stuff like certain huge WoW raid bosses.
    @aNiMeGaMeR: Actually, we had already implemented a stricter version of this rule for the 2011 contest. This version of the rule relaxes the restriction that was implemented during that contest somewhat.

    The stage in 2011 was designed with safety in mind, and stairways were replaced with ramps. Nonetheless, it's not brightly lit backstage, and we implemented these additional rules to help ensure everyone's safety. We still expect to see a huge variety of exciting costumes this year.

    Community Commentary: DiaBro3
    A new Diablo 3 site is emerging with the idea to simplify the evaluation of your characters. The creator of DiaBro3, Fiiresphere, started a topic on our forums, asking what our members thought about it and the site was almost universally praised with its simplicity and accurateness. Even Blizz acknowledged the new site by featuring it on! Check out the official post below.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    At some point, most of us have probably wondered which Monster Power is the best for our characters, at least in terms of farming efficiency. For those players who aren't amazing theorycrafters or number-crunchers, finding the right answer to that question can be a little difficult and, in many cases, requires a lot of trial-and-error (which you may or may not have much time for).

    Thankfully, the folks over at have put together a quick and easy-to-use calculator to help you determine the general quality of a character's items (as a whole and individual pieces) and, based on those results, suggest an ideal Monster Power level for you to farm on.

    This site is pretty new, so Fiiresphere recently kicked off a thread in the Diablo Fans forums and has been updating based on player feedback. We encourage you to check out the site and, if you're interested, leave your feedback here or drop a note in the original thread to help the DiaBro3 team fine tune this very cool project. (Quick note: This site works off of a general set of calculations to determine what Monster Power you should be playing, so some of you will notice that it suggests a lower Monster Power than you're accustomed to. In general, though, it's pretty accurate for such a quick and easy assessment.)

    So, what do you think of Are you satisfied with its gear analysis for your heroes? How did you feel about its suggested Monster Power level for you? Let us know by commenting below!

    What to Include in Visual Customization
    We know a transmogrification feature is in the works, but what should it include? Grimiku offers a few suggestions, but would also like your feedback!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    In WoW it's called transmogrification, and the ability to visually customize your character adds a layer of depth to the game that a lot of players enjoy. We think it would be cool to implement something like that in Diablo III at some point, but a feature like this has some details to iron out first.

    We'd like to hear your feedback on some of the options you'd want to see in a feature that enabled you to visually customize your character. Some great examples of questions to get you started are: Would you like to have cosmetic slots on your character sheet? Would you prefer a system where you have a npc make an item look like a different item? Should weapons be included? Should weapons be limited to the same weapon types if they are included?

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Diabro3 looks interesting but canĀ“t try it out due to API limit or some shit
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    I just checked the Gear Score of my monk and had to laugh when i saw the number... :D

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    Glad to see my chars that I haven't played in months are still badass lol
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    The site is neat, but its saying I should be in mp4 and my clearspeed lets me do 5-6 no problem. I can even survive 9-10 if I felt like spending a long while. Not sure what he uses to judge mp readiness, but it might not be right for all classes.
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    Quote from Koboldius

    I just checked the Gear Score of my monk and had to laugh when i saw the number... :D

    God bless being able to buy 50m for 90 cents eh?
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    Quote from reclaimer3235

    Quote from Koboldius

    I just checked the Gear Score of my monk and had to laugh when i saw the number... :D

    God bless being able to buy 50m for 90 cents eh?

    Well let's face it, no one can do MP10 without the Gold/RMAH.
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    Quote from Ryude

    Well let's face it, no one can do MP10 without the Gold/RMAH.

    I did, was not that hard. Get over it.
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    Quote from dinamar

    Quote from Ryude

    Well let's face it, no one can do MP10 without the Gold/RMAH.

    I did, was not that hard. Get over it.

    Yeah, right. I don't think anyone is going to believe that (unless you're just "surviving" and taking 15+ minutes to kill 1 elite)...

    There's no way someone can reach MP10 gear level without using the GAH.

    Even if you actually did, there is no way to prove that claim. Maybe if you have like 3-4k+ hours played and 150k Elites killed some might believe you. Not me, though.
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