D3 Available on Day 1 on PSN, Blue Posts, Imperius Fan Art (+ Video), Curse Weekly Roundup

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    D3 Available on Day 1 on PSN
    News has come, from PlayStationLifeStyle, that Diablo 3 will be a Day 1 title for PSN, meaning you can purchase and play the game directly from the PlayStation Network store on launch day. On top of that the game is already up for pre-orders on the EU part of PSN.

    Diablo 3 will come to the PS3 console on September 3rd and will include the Infernal Helm (with pre-ordering), many PlayStation themed items and a Dynamic Diablo 3 theme for your dashboard!

    Blue Posts

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Rollbacks Are Not Guaranteed Even for Getting Rid of Gold
    So here's the gist: Took a long break from the game, account got hacked, chars erased, had 1 lvl 60 monk that I immediately erased, he managed to get 67 million gold (I had ~300k when I left).
    Now the question: How do I get rid of everything but 300k? I noticed on the RMAH you can only sell 50 mil at a time. I guess I could give it to someone...? If anyone needs it feel free to ask.
    I just hate having THAT much gold I didn't earn at my disposal. So what is the best way to get rid of it? And no, I don't want to buy gear from the AH. I'm going self found this time around.
    Hi Sparrow, I just took a look at the account. As it stands, it didn't look like we'd even be able to offer a rollback in this case, and the account will stay in the shape that it is currently in. We do appreciate you reaching out to us to let us know about the situation, and we've noted the account to reflect this.
    Of note:
    * Battle.net Authenticators
    * SMS Protect FAQ
    One other thing I'd like to add: Even if an account is reported as compromised (and it turns out a rollback is possible), we would not proceed until we had the player's confirmation, as it will reset the history of the account to the most recent 'safe' activity we can see (from before the event). This may or may not be the exact last moment when the account was played before the compromise happened. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Imperius Fan Art (+ Video)
    This impressive Imperius fan art was created by DreamGearStudios, a team comprised of artists Jeff Delgado and Diana Acevedo. You can see their extensive gallery on Deviant Art or their official site. The Imperius fan art also comes with a video, which you can watch below.

    Curse Weekly Roundup
    Check this week's Curse Roundup for curious info on Left 4 Dead 3 and Wolfenstein: The New Order. You'll also hear about Assassin's Creed and Ubisoft's plans about the franchise and more!

    Ha. Bagstone.

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