Diablo III's XBox Achievements List, BlizzCon 2013 Costume Contest – Sign Ups, Console Version FAQ

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    Diablo III's XBox Achievements List
    The full list of D3 achievements for XBox 360 was posted today on xbox360achievements.org. Even though there aren't any surprising achievements, the list is still worth checking out, which you can do by clicking on the image below.

    BlizzCon 2013 Costume Contest – Sign Ups Now Open

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    It’s time to begin construction of your next cosplay magnum opus. Grab some sheets of thermoplastic, get your sewing machine humming, and fire up your heat gun—the BlizzCon costume contest is back!

    Hosted at BlizzCon 2013 in Anaheim, Blizzard’s legendary pageant invites you to model your creative costume couture live on stage. From the elegantly simple to awe-inspiringly elaborate, you'll be judged on your creativity, skill, and ability to faithfully recreate characters from Blizzard games.
    This is the year to bring out your very best: More competitors than ever before will walk away with prizing, and in a very special twist, the Grand Prize Winner will have the option to be honored in a future Blizzard game!

    You must sign up online in advance (and have a ticket to the show) to be eligible for one of the 100 open slots. Visit the contest page to sign up, but be sure to read the rules before you commit.
    Don’t delay: sign-ups close September 6 or when they fill up, whichever comes first!

    Console Version FAQ

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    I have a few answers to some of your questions about Diablo III on the console!

    Q: Will the game feature Offline LAN capabilities?
    The Playstation 3 supports LAN, while the Xbox has a system link feature, and Diablo III will work with both of them. In short, Diablo III on console supports LAN on both systems.

    Q: Will the gold costs for upgrading gems and crafting items be changed at all from the PC version?
    The gold cost for crafting on the Console version has been drastically reduced to accommodate the lack of an Auction House.

    Q: Is there any list available of what from 1.08 made it in to the console version?
    Some of the changes patch 1.0.8 brought to the PC version were selected to be present in the console version as well, but not everything. Some of the things that made it over are class skill adjustments (including healing), Nekerat the Key Warden has chance to drop keys in addition to the plans, multiplayer xp/mf/gf bonuses, and improved combat notifications. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    So is Diablo 3 going to be one of those games that require a passcode to play online?
    Just wanted to confirm that you will not need a play pass to play Diablo III online multiplayer games on the Playstation Network. You'll need an Xbox LIVE Gold account in order to play over Xbox LIVE, though. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    I live in Québec, canada, So NTSC Region 1 for Xbox 360...
    My question is ... What is the language Will be in the DVD I wish French will be in ...

    Anyone picking up Diablo III for console in Canada should have the option to choose English or French for a language preference.(Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Got to get them all.. :)
    !! Die Maggot !!
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