Hotfix: Gold Stack Size Increased on RMAH, Tips on Trading Safely, D2's Official Forums Still Active

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    Hotfix: Gold Stack Size Increased on RMAH
    An interesting hotfix is coming tomorrow - Blizzard are trying to keep D3's economy as normalized as possible by increasing the gold stack size on RMAH from 10 million to 50 million.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    During tomorrow's scheduled maintenance, we will be applying a hotfix in both the Americas and European gameplay regions, increasing the maximum stack size for gold listings on the real-money auction house from 10 million to 50 million *. (As with previous changes, the minimum price per stack will remain at $0.25.)

    For those who may be curious, this change is being made to ensure that the price of gold in the real-money house remains competitive compared to third-party sites. Since one of the goals of the real-money auction house is to provide players a safe place in which to both buy and sell commodities, we want to make sure it continues to be useful and that don’t players to feel forced to use third-party sites simply because it's the cheaper option. Also, for those who may be concerned, please rest assured that the bug which caused the gold dupe back in May (when we raised the stack size cap to 10 million) has indeed been resolved and should not resurface as a result of this hotfix. Even so, we will be conducting extensive testing in the live game environment during maintenance before bringing the servers up to verify that no new issues were caused as the result of raising the cap to 50 million.

    Once this hotfix is live, we’ll post an update to this thread as well as on the front page of the community site so you won’t miss out. Thanks!

    * Please note that this change will only apply to gold auctions created after the hotfix has gone live; any auction posted beforehand, as well as those still active when the hotfix is implemented, will continue to be valued at 10,000,000 gold per stack.

    Tips on Trading Safely
    As it became clear, the scammers are back with the old tricks and this made the CMs post Safety Tips and Scam Policy.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Trading has always been a big part of the Diablo series. Unfortunately, some players will try to abuse your good faith by attempting to obtain your goods without paying for them. If you wish to trade with someone, you should remain vigilant for these “Trade Scams” to keep your items safe against those who may try to take them from you. It’s important you make use of the safe trading tools we have provided, as Customer Support will not intervene in cases where players have lost items to scamming.

    Trade Safely

    The secure trade window can be accessed by right-clicking another player’s portrait or character in-game and selecting the “Trade” option in the menu. Place the items and/or gold you want to exchange into the trade window, carefully review the other person’s offer, then click “Accept” when you are satisfied with the deal. If the other player’s offer changed after you approved your half of the bargain, the approval will automatically be cancelled and the “Accept” button will grey out for several seconds; be sure to review the new offer before clicking “Accept” again.

    Here are some further safety tips, as mentioned in our scam policy:
    • Never drop items on the ground
    Once an item is dropped from your inventory, it becomes fair game for anyone to pick up. Scammers will give various reasons why you should drop your item, for example to “check the item is genuine”, and will often offer to move away from you while you do it to ensure they can’t pick it up—this will not stop them.
    • Never lend items to anyone you don’t trust
    A scammer might ask to “try out” an item before trading, but you should never hand your items to an unknown player—for this or any other reason.
    • Never run scripts provided by other players
    Some scammers will offer you a script, claiming it will help you play the game, swap your gear, or provide other benefits. These scripts typically cause damage to your hero or force you to drop items, which the other player can then pick up.
    • Pay attention to all trade transactions
    Always carefully review exactly what the other party is offering before accepting a trade. Double-check the item you are trading and its stats before accepting the trade. Also, check the cost—10000 and 100000 may look similar, but a single zero makes a big difference.

    D2's Official Forums Still Active
    Diablo 2's players asked for a little official help from Blizzard on maintaining the D2 forums and addressing the issues that are frequently being posted there. Araxom let the D2 hardcore fans that the forums are regularly checked at the very least by the support representatives.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Hi Sin, the legacy forums found here are regularly attended to by our support representatives who also check DIII's tech section. For specific technical assistance with any of those older titles, I would advise posting in the legacy tech section. If you don't get a prompt response, go ahead and post the question here and I'll do my best to get you an answer, or help redirect attention to your original post.

    For general account assistance, I would ask that you contact us through our Customer Support portal, which is found here. Cheers!

    Happy to respond :) To be clear, we do have an administration team that is constantly engaged in working to protect our games from exploitation. I won't be able to offer specifics about how that team goes about its investigations, but we do want to continue to do the best that we can to protect the integrity of our games, both newer and older. If there's any specific report that you'd like to provide us, you can send word with as much specific information to [email protected]

    Thanks, Sin! We appreciate it!

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    For those who may be curious, this change is being made to ensure that the price of gold in the real-money house remains competitive compared to third-party sites, after all, it is our game and since we are not charging a monthly fee plus we have this debt from these new shares we were forced to buy, we need a cut of this gold flipping marathon as well. We just lost 600,000 more WoW subs, what do you expect, so we dont want to hear all the drama and BS, shit happens, deal with it.
    Fixed that for you.

    Well atleast that's what I read.
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    At this point is just too convenient to invest a small amount of money to buy gold and gear up a char to lvl up in high mp10 than playing the game, if you are not a masochist (as me).
    If Blizzard wants to keep raising the gold stack for RMAH, they will just go down a neverending spiral because third party sites will always have the cheapest gold and Diablo 3 just keep pumping this currency without limits, inflating the economy without stop.
    Some time ago i would never said this but i really wish we would had a Ladder reset every few months to keep the economy from collapsing or implement some BoA system to avoid oversaturation of items on the AH, maybe tied to some sort of enchant npc (mystic) that will empower your items but make them untradable.

    I know i will sound like a hater, but i just need to vent some rage at Blizzard: "Good job idiots, you didn't foresaw gold inflation and botter competition after a month of the game lifespan! Just keep making gold cheaper on the RMAH, it will fix the problem!"

    I really hope next patch and expansion will make these problems worthless...
    At this point, if i ever feel like playing this game before "Loot 2.0" i will just stay in HC.
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    HC is the only refuge, or self found I guess.

    It's funny that we all know there's no patch to improve this game till sometime after Blizzcon. What we probably didn't anticipate is Blizzard's capacity to make this game worse leading up to Blizzcon.
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    Agreed . HC is the only way to play this game at the moment.

    Dont get me wrong , I really like D3 and i'm sure it will be great in the future. Played for 7 months straight upon release then on and off till now.
    But at the moment i really cant find the motivation to play softcore , i feel like i'm wasting my time.

    Loot 2.0 cant come any sooner.
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    This is great. ama about to invest 100$ once the servers go up.
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    The only positive thing about this is that now you can buy gold so cheap that the gold sink from crafting is almost negligible. 500 amulet crafts for like 1 dollar? Yup.
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