DiabloFans Interview With the Devs: Highlights

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    I think with account wide paragon levels they mean that the exp you get from playing with a P100 character will transfer over to some kind of buffer that you can distribute to other characters on your account. That would make sense - making all your characters P100 wouldn't really. What would be the fun of that?
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    They didn't miss the launch window for the new consoles because of any obsession with quality - they missed it for the same reason they shipped a mediocre game, never really made PVP, and will be lucky to ship an expansion in under two years.

    But this is inevitable when a corporate culture spends a dozen years moving away from actual focus on their products and promotes people based on their ability to play politics.
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    Eager to see the full transcript :)
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    Quote from RaPsKa

    Quote from Alaran87

    "Blizzard are working on including the Mystic back into the game, but it’s still not clear what unique feature she might offer."

    What features a Mystic Woman could do? A striptease? You pay 20m gold to see her tits.

    I think I would pay 20 mill to add an affix to my item..

    Quote from Jaetch

    The dead wife of Haedrig, the Blacksmith, was a Mystic. So is this chick, a.k.a. Karyna:

    I would definitely pay 20mil to see hers !! :hehe:
    !! Die Maggot !!
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