Edriel's Mystic Suggestions: Part 2, Demonic Essences' Drop Rate, Dealing With Constructive Criticism, Archon's E3 Recap

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    Edriel's Mystic Suggestions: Part 2
    Edriel has published the second part of his Mystic suggestions. In it he goes into how items can drop with an affix that can then be replaced with a skill upgrade from the Mystic artisan. Check out his topic for the full details packed with information and nice art.

    If you still haven't, make sure to check out Mystic Part 1 and his Talisman suggestion threads. They're well worth the read.

    Demonic Essences: Too Common or Too Rare?
    There seems to be a contradiction on whether the Demonic essences' drop rate is too high or too low and Lylirra is trying to find the middle ground of opinions on the Official Forums.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    -Right now it is a pain to farm demonic essences, their drop rate is just too low for an item that much needed by the players,

    -Considering the actual drop rate in mp10 is 38.9% it is just extremely low, considering most players have to craft in amounts of 100 or 200 at the same time, it just gets too annoying.

    -There are some upgrades that cannont be achieved without crafting at all, i'd like demonic essences to be guaranteed when killin every single elite monster in mp10. That'd be awesome
    Your post is pretty interesting, because most threads I've seen (both here and on other Diablo fan sites) typically say that Essences drop too frequently. I'm glad you created it, since it's generated a lot of great debate on the topic.

    Couple of questions for you so I can get a bit of context for where your feedback is coming from (anyone is welcome to chime in):

    - On what MP do you typically farm?

    - Do you usually just farm casually and pick up whatever Essences you acquire along the way, or do ever go out of your way to farm Essences specifically?

    - About how many Essences do you pick up in a session?

    - Do you use those Essences immediately, or are you a player that likes to stock up?

    - When it comes to crafting, is gold the limiting factor for you or are Essences?

    - How many Essences would you like to ideally see in a farming session, and why do you feel that amount would be better than what you see currently?


    I would like to see demonic essence drop rates a bit raised, but I can see validity of having it fairly low (due to ability to craft BIS).
    That's certainly one of the biggest influences on the drop rate. Even so, we're always open to making adjustments if they're what's best for the long term health of the game. And getting a better understanding for how players who would like to see the drop rate raised approach farming and crafting just informs that decision in a much more meaningful way.

    Dealing With Constructive Criticism
    When a topic is locked and/or deleted on the Official Forums often times there are arguments of the moderators' intentions. Right now there is such a controversy and members on the Official forums are accusing Blizzard of not being able to take constructive criticism well.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Funny how a positive thread with a D3 dev's name in it doesn't get deleted. Yet the second a constructive criticism thread is posted with the same names it gets deleted.
    Link me one? That criteria alone isn't reason enough for a thread to be removed.

    Constructive criticism is totally fine. Threads that include personal attacks, devolve into arguments and mud slinging, or are created simply to troll the community, however, are all candidates to be locked or removed.

    With all respect, I can't link them because... they were deleted?
    Links to deleted threads still actually exist, they'll just to point a "post has been deleted" page. It does require that you have the URL, though.

    If you see any examples, let me know. Like I said, constructive threads with slightly deviant titles shouldn't be deleted (in most cases, we'll just change the title if the content is otherwise okay).

    Use your head a little bit. It's "frowned upon" because they want to promote positive discussion, not inspire a bunch of nerd-ragers to directly shout at/insult GMs/devs personally. If it's a positive point, of course it's moot, because there is no element of abuse. Seems pretty obvious.

    Archon Inferno's E3 Recap
    Archon Inferno made a pretty extensive recap of the news around Diablo III from E3. So far it looks like he likes where the console version is going, but what the final result will be only time will tell. Not long ago Arcon Inferno had a long conversation with Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day about the future of the game, but the console version wasn't very widely discussed.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    About Demonic essence: I have plenty, what I lack usually are tomes.
    I play SP and no AH, mostly MP 0 or MP 1 since that's the most I can currently handle.
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    Kinda disappointed, not in the video, but the lack of new information n PC. What's in 1.09? Itemization? Pvp? Class changes? Crafting changes? When is 1.09 going to hit the PTR?

    Blizzard hasn't said anything on this, and I'm losing patience.
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    Thanks again overneathe for putting my suggestion on the front page! :)
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    I have to admit I don't really understand how the arguments over on the official forums over moderation actions qualify as news worthy of the front page of a fansite. Those arguments happen on an almost daily basis.
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    My last comment probably came off much snottier and critical than I intended. I consider this site a valuable resource for my Diablo news, and commend the staff of this site for the work they do so that lazy people like me can get all our news from one place! :)
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    Quote from RMrulz

    My last comment probably came off much snottier and critical than I intended. I consider this site a valuable resource for my Diablo news, and commend the staff of this site for the work they do so that lazy people like me can get all our news from one place! :)

    Snotty or not, i agree with you.

    Blue responses to "Why did X post get deleted" are almost identical every time, and never adds any new information.
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    i wouldnt mind a small raise in the drop rates, but not too much.
    my problem isnt finding essences, its keys. i wish they'd move the wardens to less populated areas. key farming is a major PITA now...
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