Auction Houses Temporarily Offline -- Update

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    Update: EU now Live as well!
    Reminder: 1.0.8 is Live in the US! Read the Patch Notes here.

    Auction Houses Temporarily Offline -- Update
    No ETA on when it'll be available as of yet. Some of the times listed seem a bit wrong, but they're listed from most recent.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)


    5/8/13 4:15 p.m. PDT: In order to allow auctions posted yesterday to expire naturally, we've decided to keep the gold and real-money Auction House in maintenance mode until tomorrow morning. We're currently targeting 10:00 a.m. PDT, but will provide an update for everyone at 9:00 a.m. PDT. At that point, we'll be able to give a much more solid ETA as to when the service will be up and running.

    Gold trades are still disabled for the time being. Once we have an ETA for those being re-activated, we'll provide another update in this thread, as well.

    5/8/13 11:30 a.m. PDT: We're still in the process of auditing Auction House and gold trade transactions. We realize this is an inconvenience for many of our players, and we sincerely apologize for the interruption of the service. We hope to have everything back up as soon as possible. We don't currently have an ETA for when the Auction House will be brought out of maintenance or gold trades will be reactivated, but we'll continue to provide updates in this thread as they become available.

    5/8/13 12:30 a.m. PDT: We've confirmed that we've fixed the bug which allowed players to duplicate gold; however, we will be keeping the gold and real-money Auction Houses offline in the Americas until further notice (gold trades will also remain suspended). We'll be using this downtime to perform audits on all transactions conducted through the Auction House as well as trades in which gold was exchanged since 1.0.8 launched. We anticipate this process will take multiple hours to complete and will provide another update by 12:00 p.m. PDT.

    12:00 a.m. PDT: At this time (and after careful consideration), we've decided to not move forward with rolling back the servers. We feel that this is the best course of action given the nature of the dupe, how relatively few players used it, and the fact that its effects were fairly limited within the region. We've been able to successfully identify players who duplicated gold by using this specific bug, and are focusing on these accounts to make corrections. While this is a time-consuming and very detailed process, we feel it's the most appropriate choice for us to make, and really what's in the best interest of the community. We know that some of you may disagree, and we respect that, but we feel that performing a full roll back would impact the community in an even greater way, as it would require significant downtime as well as revert the progress legitimate players have made since patch 1.0.8 was released this morning.

    10:40 p.m. PDT: Maintenance has concluded, and the fix has been implemented. Once we’ve been able to test this fix and verify that it works correctly, we'll then mark the gold and real-money auction house live.

    10:35 p.m. PDT: To assist our teams with their review process, we have disabled all gold trades in the Americas region until further notice. Players can still trade items, but trades that involve any sum of gold currency cannot be completed.

    10:15 p.m. PDT: We believe we’ve found a fix for the gold duplication bug and will be deploying it shortly to all regions. In order to implement this fix, we'll be bringing Diablo III into maintenance. We anticipate this maintenance will last for approximately 1 hour, lasting until approximately 11:30 p.m. PDT.


    Hey everyone,

    As you may have already seen in the Breaking News window (or discovered while trying to load up the Auction House once logged in), we've brought both the gold and real-money Auction Houses offline for maintenance. After the release of Patch 1.0.8 this morning, we found that some players were exploiting a bug that enabled them to duplicate gold through the Auction House. We're working on fixing the bug right now, and bringing the Auction Houses offline helps us troubleshoot in a more stable environment while preventing further exploiting.

    Q. When will the Auction House be available?
    We don’t have an ETA just yet. Our priority at the moment is (of course) to fix the bug and make sure it can’t happen again. We know this is an inconvenience for some of our players, so we’ll be providing updates in this thread as soon as we have any details to share.

    Q. Will there be a rollback?
    Our priority is to fix any issues with the game client first—that's what we're working on right now. After we've addressed the situation, we'll need to determine whether or not a rollback is appropriate. We know this is an important issue for all of our players, so we’ll be sure keep you informed of what's happening and will provide any updates in this thread, as well.

    Q. Will players be banned for using this dupe?
    We're currently in the process of reviewing the accounts involved and taking appropriate actions, including temporary locks, suspensions, and/or bans. Our exploitation policy for Diablo III can be found here, which should give you an overview of the kinds of activities that are and aren’t cool within the game.

    Thank you for all of your reports, and for your patience. In the meantime, to help streamline communication, we're going to be locking and redirecting posts to this location.

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    So... should we or should we not play, if we're just going to get rolled back?
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    I'm holding off. I already grabbed a good pair of Nat's boots, and I'm worried those will disappear pretty soon. Besides, it gives me more time to complain about morons tagging games as Key Warden and then not telling anyone who joins later that they've already killed the Key Warden, wasting your time trying to get the five stacks that you can't even use.
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    Well, seems like a good day to be a duping cheater.

    Step 1: Dupe billions if not trillions of gold.
    Step 2: Sell it all on D2JSP to anyone stupid enough to buy it before Blizzard locks the account and removes the gold
    Step 3: Enjoy hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars and laugh your ass off when Blizzard finally takes 'appropriate action' and temporarily suspends your account.
    Step 4: ???????
    Step 5: Profit.
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    The damage is already done, it doesn't matter if the offenders get banned or not. Sadly, I feel that this really doesn't change anything. Prices may have gone up, but only items that you already couldn't afford. The mid-low range items are going to be cheaper if any different at all.
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    Luckily I play in EU and we get these bugs 1 day later .)

    They probably have locked some accounts that have exploited the bug a lot so they cannot sell the gold elsewhere..
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    I can't imagine they'll roll back days of progress for all characters. They might revert all the AH transactions duped and otherwise though.
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    Quote from Zeyk23

    I can't imagine they'll roll back days of progress for all characters. They might revert all the AH transactions duped and otherwise though.

    It was never going to be "days," all the rollback needs is roughly 12 hours or so.
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    Updated: There will be no rollback.

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    I wonder how many people will quit now, Moldran just quit...
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    Quote from Ryude
    Moldran just quit...

    The last streamer that I actually respect who plays D3.
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    Damn it all to hell. I missed out on this.
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    Damn I feel for you US players... I would rage hard if shit like this happened in EU and it didn't get rolled back... I mean even if I lose a few hours of gameplay it's still better than making prices for items even more ridiculous than they already are ... for me geting a few hundred mil to buy some decent items is pretty fucking time consuming since I don't really get any decent drops and the gold drop rate is just laughable ...
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    Just curious. No changes at all to items? I heard something before about all legendaries dropping would get level 63 stats?
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    Quote from Shotcaller1977

    Just curious. No changes at all to items? I heard something before about all legendaries dropping would get level 63 stats?

    That is still in the works and will come with the itemization patch, which is an unknown date.

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    So how long are we going to have to wait for the AH to settle back down?
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    If this happened on EU I would also quit. It's not acceptable. Breaking the economy just for 12-24 hours of gameplay? Who the hell cares, those hours are nothing in the long run.
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    Rofl wow.. I cannot believe they won't do a roll back. it wasn't just a 'few' players. Once people got wind everyone started doing it.

    They either cannot roll back the servers due to having to deal with somehow reversing all the transactions.

    This game is an epic fucking failure once again.
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    Sigh... this patch took far too long to go live. And then when it did it made the game worse. Lol, Blizzard is trying their best to imitate Maxis.
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    Quote from Ryude

    I wonder how many people will quit now, Moldran just quit...

    Moldran didn't quit. He is busy with university.
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