MrMonstrosity's 1.0.9 Suggestions, Community Commentary: Video Guides by ChromeOnRust, Fan Creation of the Week: The Art of Samo

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    MrMonstrosity's 1.0.9 Suggestions
    Forum member MrMonstrosity has created a suggestion thread for patch 1.0.9, which has gotten a lot of attention on our forums. In it he shares some of his ideas about scrapped and completely new features reinvented into the game. Check out his topic and leave your feedback!

    Community Commentary: Video Guides by ChromeOnRust
    This week's Community Commentary is about the great video guides of forum member ChromeOnRust. He has managed to get Blizzard's attention with some very helpful and insightful guides and they've posted a good compilation of some of his best works!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    For this week's Community Commentary, we have three more instructional videos brought to you by ChromeOnRust. His videos cover a variety of helpful subjects, including best ways to use gear comparison tools, black damage vs. elemental damage on weapons, how Magic Find works and its relationship to finding Legendary items.

    How to Find Legendarys, and How Magic Find Works:

    How Elemental Damage Works:

    ChromeOnRust's Favorite Fansites and How They Can Help You:

    To check out more of ChromeOnRust's work, head on over to his video compilation thread over on Diablo Fans. You can also watch his video on gearing up followers here, which we higlighted in a previous Community Commentary. Be sure to let ChromeOnRust know what you found helpful, and what you might like to see from him in the future.

    Fan Creation of the Week: The Art of Samo Kramberger

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Many of the heroes and villains of Sanctuary are a fashionable folk, adorning themselves from head to toe in a variety of armor and weapons. The task of capturing a likeness of these seasoned (and stylish) veterans is no easy feat, but some artists are up to tackling the challenge head-on.

    This week’s community spotlight shines brightly on fan artist Samo Kramberger and his fantastic sculptures of iconic Diablo III characters. His sculptures were created with wire and polymer clay and painted with acylics.

    His Barbarian's axes, even light up!

    In addition to sculpting each of the five hero classes, Samo also sculpted a replica of the Skeleton King and a fitting display for his collection.

    Samo was kind enough to share an assortment of behind-the-scenes photos chronicling the creation of his highly detailed sculptures. You can find a few glimpses of his process below, and there are even more photos in his extensive Facebook gallery.

    She also shared a number of fantastic photos from her various Diablo III photoshoots that are definitely worth checking out.

    Eager to see more of Samo’s incredible sculptures? Check out his full body of work on his official website, Facebook account, andDeviantArt account!

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    I would buy those figurines, no doubt about that. Great work
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    Those sculptures are super impressive. Its awesome to see fan made art that looks just as good as official art : )
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    Some really awesome suggestions there by MrMonstrosity there. Lets hope Blizzard has a look-see at what's going over here at Diablofans every now and then.
    Those sculptures are amazing.
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    Well finally that thread is up in the home page.About time.
    Grinding Gear Games (Company that produced POE): "These are great Ideas, we will use them for sure as they are clearly what the player base is looking for."

    Blizzard: "While we agree that this game needs re-working and that these ideas could help the future of this game, we have no plans to listen to our fan-base at this time."
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