"Ask the Devs" Round 2: Itemization - Answers (Part 2)

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    And if they add a quest to add a socket to a weapon, I would like a quest that add 100% crit damage to an amulet or 6% crit chance to helms or rings...

    You just asked for a specific roll value from a range which is very different from a specific 1 socket affix. The dramatic potency and fun factor of gems that have specific bonuses for helms and weapons is quite different than just having an optimal affix.

    Am I really supposed to be convinced ? :) Asking for the optimal affix for a weapon is fine but asking for the optimal affix for an other item is not ? I guess people believe it is legitimate because it was in D2.

    And you obviously have no clue why it was in D2.

    The socket affix give you a variety of options. A top-end crit roll is NOT an option affix. You'll not be convinced if you didn't already understand that simple logic. With the socket affix you still get to make a decision, which makes it fun and interesting. Getting a crit affix every time is not an option and thus boring.

    You can sell ammys w/o any crit damage. You can sell helms and rings w/o crit. Good luck selling anything but the most ridiculously rolled weps and helms w/o a socket.
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