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    More Activity From Community Managers
    A post on the official forums about Community Manager activity got an answer today by Vaneras, explaining that fans should in general see more posts from them than the developers. There is also some talk about Ask the Devs at the end of the post.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    We will try our best to show our presence as much as we can, and this goes for all my blue colleagues as well. We have many forums that we must keep an eye on though, so it is hard to be equally present in all of them at all times. It should also be said that I am not in a position where I can dictate on which forum the developers must post, but they do read the forums often, including this one, so it can definitely happen that they pop in to post from time to time. Their primary focus is of course to develop the game, so the developers do not post that frequently :-)

    I read that last line as meaning you'd see CMs posting far more often than the game designers will, not that the posting frequency of the CMs is going to increase.
    That is correct. In general you should expect to see blue posts from CMs much more frequently then blue posts from developers.

    Will the Class forums see any input at any point?
    We gather feedback from the class forums all the time, which is forwarded to the developers. But we tend not to post there so often because the primary purpose of the class forums is to be a place where players come together to discuss their class and ask each other for advice and such.

    In general it causes a lot of disruption when we post in the class forums, and the topics being discussed then tends to get derailed with accusations of favouritism and comparisons of how many posts we did in any given class forum. This then results in players from the class forum with the least blue posts invading other class forums with more blue posts, where they then disrupt those other class forums with all kinds of off-topic posts about where we ought to be posting, and if we don't, then how that is just "proof" that we do not care, etc.

    As you can maybe imagine, we get better and more useful feedback from the class forums when we do not post there.

    Obviously I'm not asking you to answer all this I just wanted to explain some of the issues we are having and what we are discussing / have discussed.
    I totally understand that :-)

    Please rest assured that the feedback you guys have posted in the class forums as well as general forums have been seen, and that even though we do not post much all the time, we do read the things you post... we spend time every day on the forums reading and forwarding feedback.

    We will of course reply to those threads whenever we have some information we can share with you, but in many cases the developers like to share their thoughts and their feedback on things posted on the forums via our blog updates, and now also the "Ask the Devs" sessions, because they are generally seen by more people and not just those who visit the forums.

    The interest in the first Ask the Devs session was enormous after we announced it, and the expectations were super high as well, and this resulted in a ton of questions... many on topic, and many off-topic. Naturally we were not able to get answers to all those questions that were submitted, so some will therefore have to be answered at a later time. We of course understand that this sucks when the question you personally wanted to see answered the most didn't get answered.

    The plan is to have these Ask the Devs sessions on a regular basis, so if you guys were disappointed with the first one, then hopefully you will be more satisfied with the future ones.

    These Ask the Devs sessions are intended to be an extra source of developer feedback, and as such they are of course not meant to replace or diminish forum interaction and blog updates, so please don't stop posting your feedback and concerns on the forums. :-)

    Give Blizzard Your Legendary Ideas!
    With the news that Blizzard are going to be redesigning Legendary items so that they can "open entire new builds", now is the perfect time to start sharing your ideas for some awesome Legendary stuff!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    I'd be keen to hear more Legendary ideas from you guys, as well as opinions on the suggestions that other players have already made.

    Let's get creative all up in here! :)

    Blue Posts

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Small Chance for Monster Density Delay
    No no no, thank you guys for posting your feedback :-)

    Keep in mind though that although we are trying to have the monster density improvements ready for the next patch, there is still a small chance that it may have to be pushed for a later patch. We will of course update you guys as soon as we have more information on this. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Quests Giving XP Past Level 60
    We're fairly satisfied where the with the overall mob density in Act 3, and we're currently working on some mob density changes for Acts 1, 2, and 4 of Inferno difficulty that should make them more appealing. So in the future, you should have the opportunity to try your hand at the other Acts and hopefully you can find even more farming routes you groove with.

    That said, one of the additional improvements we're hoping to make is to make it so that XP from quests would be granted to players that are at level cap. Every little bit helps, after all. :) (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Lastzoul's Flying Dragon Monk Build
    Member Lastzoul has found a nice build which features Legendary daibo Flying Dragon. With it he has managed to do some pretty crazy damage. Check his armory by clicking on the link below and an explanation on what he does in this topic.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    I like how players ideas for legendarys just suck. And these ppl say that now something is boring
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    Only 1 comment... and mine commenting about no comments... if this doesn't speak volumes about diablo 3 failure... what would do?... no community.
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    Quote from RandomRlz

    Only 1 comment... and mine commenting about no comments... if this doesn't speak volumes about diablo 3 failure... what would do?... no community.

    It will take a huge effort to bring people back to the game again.
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    Quote from RandomRlz

    Only 1 comment... and mine commenting about no comments... if this doesn't speak volumes about diablo 3 failure... what would do?... no community.

    It doesn't actually.
    sto lavorando
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