Wyatt Cheng and Travis Day on 1.0.8, Next Patch to Feature Co-op Improvements, Who Is Travis Day?

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    Quote from Ferret

    The inevitable is happening. Nine months ago, many people were claiming D3 was a complete bombing of the franchise, now were getting into a spot where D3 is shaping up to be better than ever. By patch 1.10.0, D3 will be a completely different game, but nonetheless built up from the "failure" we got back in May last year.

    With posts like these from the blues, I smile every time I hear "D3 is dead".

    It's no coincidence that once Jay left, all the devs started trashcanning his very stupid ideas (that he vehemently defended) such as "int on barb only items because FINDING MORE THINGS IS FUN"

    I really like what D3 is becoming since 1.0.7. I just wish it was like this a year ago :/
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    Quote from Benegesserit

    lol if D3 was "epic" when it released (unless you're talking about the epic backlash about the DRM requirement among the plethora of error codes) than what would do you call the current patch of LoD? You have some extremely low standards.

    I'm sorry but LoD is the demigod of ARPG games. It is the be all end all of the genre. You don't have to do better to call a game "epic", especially since that terms' power has been reduced so much on the Internet over the last few years. There have been a good amount of ARPGs during the last 10 years and Diablo 3 beat them all without even trying when it came out. For many it still is far below LoD but the step from the lower ARPGs to Diablo 3 is just as high.

    In the same meaning SWToR is epic. Is it WoW level of polish and player base? No. Is it a super-great game with lots of strong points anyway? Yes, it absolutely is.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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