Diablo 3 Announced for PlayStation

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    Points of interest:
    1) Will someone on PC be able to play with someone on PS3/4?
    2) Offline mode for PC, maybe?

    Really want to know now, but will have to wait until PAX East.
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    Quote from Johnnyxp64

    Quote from Tybudd

    Wow, it's sad to see so much selfish hatred from the D3 community. Nothing is taken from our PC D3 product, we will still have the same product, it is just now being made available to a larger fan base.

    What about the people that either don't have a PC, or people that for whatever reason don't have the resources to purchase a PC with the capability to smoothly run D3, but of course either own, or can easily purchase a cheaper console system.

    For however imperfect you believe D3 is on the PC, it doesn't hurt for others to be able to have the experience of this game. Perfect or not, its a good game, and it must be good enough for all the people that have put in the hours to either have multiple accomplished level 60 toons. 40 or more paragon levels.

    And for the one that thinks the console version won't have elective mode, you need to read the OP again

    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Diablo III for the PS3™/PS4™ will be based on the core PC game and feature all the latest updates

    You know how blizz tries so hard to make sure that the community can't throw a statement that they've previously made back in their faces, so I'm sure this wasn't a slip up, or typo.

    Quote from Johnnyxp64

    in my previous picture you can cleary see why Diablo3 sucked! because it was LAMED to the level of Console users! and yes console only Users are lower in level.-

    Really, where did you get this info from?
    Quote from Johnnyxp64

    now the second think you are terrible wrong is that, "people cant afford to buy a pc to run smoothly d3 will buy psp4?"
    once again are you serious? dod you know how much ps3 and psp4 will cost? +the game price.... way more than 500$+ with 400$ i can buuild you a VERY good multicore PC system, with a very good VGA card, that can handle Diablo3 in "normal" resolutions. or you think d3 in consoles will look better? nop. it will not.

    We aren't talking about what PS3 cost on release, you can get one for less than $200 now, PS4 not even out, so that's a different story
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    DnD/BG: D3 version....
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