1.0.7 Is Live, 1.0.7 Patch Notes

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    Quote from inkcheese

    It's either nobody really likes PvP and people were just faking their interest or everybody's trying to suit up for PvP because they found that PvM gear doesn't really do well in PvP.

    Right? Like said before, If your into D3 for PvP your playing the wrong game. Dualing was in D2 for something fun to do. To give to a chance to gain some braging rights. It was never meant to be taken serious, If you did you wasted your time.

    This pacth is quite awesome, I already farmed up some Archon gear and go a lucky roll the bracers on my 11th try. Replaced my old 1's worth 150m ( Which i sold for 140m ) So yeah, Did a full act 3 run in 4 hours on MP10 and got 2 paragon levels. thats great due to the fact that my PL is 74. Good job Blizzard.
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