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    Diablo III was the #1 best-selling PC game at retail, breaking PC game sales records with more than 12 million copies sold worldwide through December 31, 2012

    1) Why do they bother to bring up this number? The only number that matters is how sales continued after about a month from release. Before that everyone was picking this up under the understandable expectation that this game would have been good considering the franchise history.

    As I recall, Diablo III sold 10 million copies in the initial release rush.

    Which means it sold another 2 million copies after that.

    Which means it sold more copies than most games manage to sell at all even after (a) all the jonesing fans had picked up their copy at launch, and ( B) the noisy whining minority had spilled epic floods of tears telling everyone how much they hated it.

    Many of the "sold" are bot accounts. Of course, bot die down now. Not because Blizzard took action against bot, it is because it is no longer profitable.

    I am sure you see botter that had hundreds if not thousands of bot running at once. That just 1 botter.
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    Quote from reclaimer3235

    Quote from Catalept

    ... err... Blizzard is terrible!

    ... just trying to fit in.

    Lmao,I know right? It's great wacthing all the jelly haters pile in everytime BE posts something.

    The negative hype was certainly overdone,

    No kidding. D2 fanboys crying cause the game was not a HD clone. Yeah the games had a few minor issues ( Yes, MINOR ) people just blow them up to make it seem worst because they are digging for any old bone to toss at the game.

    Makes me wonder? Dont you guys have a GED test to perp for? Shouldnt waste you life complaning about D3. After all you have that PoS re-hash called path of exile to look forward to, Too bad its a free2play so you know its going to be buy to win with a cash shop. No thanks.

    How is having no PvP half year after the game was released a minor issue? after they teased us with videos of it before release
    The fact that the week after release was a total disaster with terrible lag and a lot of server downtime.
    About the game? now this is subjective but why making it have 4 dificulties if dying in normal mode was imposible and the 4 acts were a tutorial, the whole campain and story was a tutorial, sure you can play the same thing 3 more times for harder challenges but the fact that you kill Diablo and see all the story without even trying annoyed me.
    I like Diablo and Blizzard but you cannot be so blind and call all those poorly made desicions minor that only makes you a fanboy who will keep praising blizzard and theirs games without seeing their flaws.
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    The fact that they call this game a success is insulting
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    Funny when you think about it, there was no mention durring the confrence call of the doom and gloom that is currently floating around the forums... Makes you wonder. Maybe, by an odd chance the investors could care less about idiots that talk trash about a game that could quite possible be considered the most successful PC game in history... Hmmmm.....
    "There is no cow level!"
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