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    Ask the Devs is Ongoing
    Ask the Devs has been open for several hours now and the US topic has reached its limit. The only thing you can do now is go and upvote the questions from users that you'd like to get an answer for!

    On the other hand the EU part of the Q&A is still ongoing and you can leave your comment there. Don't forget to also go through and upvotes comments there as well. We can expect the answers to the highest voted questions in about a week's time.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Welcome to the Diablo III Ask the Devs global Q&A. In this thread we'll be collecting your questions regarding patch 1.0.7, having the community vote for their favorites, and then posting the answers we receive from the developers approximately one week later.

    OPEN. Ask your question and vote now!

    The topic for this month is Patch 1.0.7. Please feel free to ask any questions related to changes in included this patch (i.e. dueling, class updates, new crafting recipes, etc).

    To view the PTR patch notes for 1.0.7, click here.

    • On the date and time specified in this post, we'll unlock the thread and you'll be able to submit your questions regarding patch 1.0.7.
    • When the thread hits its cap, no more questions will be allowed.
    • At that point, we'll ask you to use the thumbs-up button to vote for any questions you'd like to see answered.
    • After about 24 hours, we'll lock the thread, at which time you will no longer be able to vote.
    • We'll then look for the posts with the most votes in every region and pass them on to the Diablo III development team.
    • Approximately a week later, we'll provide you a list of answers delivered directly from the developers.
    • Only one question per post.
    • Stay on topic. Questions that don't relate to the chosen topic (even if highly-rated) won't be sent to the developers.
    • Discussion posts are not allowed! We ask that you only post questions in the Ask the Devs thread. If you would like to discuss related topics, please do so in another thread.
    • You can vote for questions at any time while the thread is unlocked.
    • A highly-rated post does not mean it will be answered, but we'll do our best to answer as many questions as possible.
    • "Dislike" votes don't count.
    • Please don't post or vote for questions you know we won't answer. We're not going to use these Q&As to announce new projects, expansions, or release dates. By the same token, we're also not going to answer questions that touch on subjects outside of the game and its design.
    • Keep your question concise. One to three sentences should be plenty to explain background and ask a question.
    • Vote for as many questions as you like.
    • All "Like" votes count. While you can't see the vote tally, we can. Even if a post is already highly rated, your vote still means something to that question (potentially) being answered.
    For more information about Ask the Devs, click here.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    None of the questions have been predetermined already, so if there are particular questions you'd like to be answered, it would be advisable for you to go and "Like" those posts. :)

    Blue Posts

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Expansion Name?
    Well, if your gonna be like that: "Diablo III: The Hells Strike Back" :P

    This is a very interesting topic though; it will definitely be cool to see what people think the expansion might get called. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    Diablo Fan Art
    Concept artist d1eSEL art has created this great looking Diablo painting, shoulder-mouths and all! Click the picture for full size, but don't forget to also check out the gallery on his website. There are some really sweet fantasy works there.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    expansion name -

    Diablo 3: The rip-off
    >> I'm not a psychopath I'm a high-functioning sociopath
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    Allow spectator mode while we are dead in the Duel Area, since this will help us have better tournaments and more fun stream while having them. I would like a +1 if you like the idea!

    Spectator mode:

    Scoreboard + vote resetbutton:

    There is also a picture in that link, with vote reset button and a scoreboard system.
    And then we have the “W” that could change builds while we are in town. It would be awesome! Link:

    And "Identify All Items" - button!

    Swedish Official Fansite

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    I already liked most of your suggestions Enkeria. :)

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Quote from SolHellyon

    expansion name -

    Diablo 3: The rip-off

    Whats the point in even posting? Really? If you dont like it D3. leave. Waste of space.
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    Quote from reclaimer3235

    Quote from SolHellyon

    expansion name -

    Diablo 3: The rip-off

    Whats the point in even posting? Really? If you dont like it D3. leave. Waste of space.

    To be fair, there's a serious shortage of sites where you can go to discuss how much you don't like D3 and share your horrible experiences and your opinions about how and why it's terrible.

    Why people choose a fan-site as their perferred venue for such activity, though, is completely beyond me (deliberate trolling notwithstanding).


    +1 for an extra (or more) skill pages that can be swapped in town.

    Not sure about Identify All, though. The original (and current slightly faster) manual id process was supposed to be a brief tension builder to amplify the excitement of getting a good rare on top of the awesomeness of even finding one in the first place... which is a narrative that completely breaks down once you're a level 60 with 300 MF returning to town with an inventory full of yellow pinata-chaff that will almost certainly be entirely worthless. IMO manual IDing just doesn't work with the way rares are currently generated. Blizzard should either nerf the hell out of rare droprates and crappy affix frequency and keep 'slow IDing', or leave item and affix frequency as they are and just give us id-on-pickup at level 60.
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