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    The hyperbolic treatment that Jay Wilson (and D3 in general) recieves is pretty crazy to me.

    Does/did D3 have issues? A handful of objective ones but most are subjective.

    You are one person and one opinion, there are tons of people who think differently than you. You are childish to demand things of people. It is this bizzare thing you really only see in video games and comics/manga and shit. Nobody is making you buy or play this game. It sucks if you don't like it but that is really tough titties at the end of the day. You can't please everyone and that is really the main issue behind a large majority of controversy surrounding any blizzard game.

    I think for a lot of people it is because what they want is something they really can't get back in the first place, the sense of youth and excitment that came with playing games when they were younger.

    D3 is not a terrible game in any sort of critical manner. The game functions well, looks and sounds nice, offers a substanial amount of gameplay (compared to most $60 games these days), and has added a considerable amount of content and fixes since its release. This is not a bad game. If you think D3 is bad then you really need to play some of the shitty random NES and SNES games that used to exist. Perhaps the overall vision of the game was misguided, but it doesn't make the game terrible or bad. Just because you don't personally enjoy something it doesn't make it a bad thing, its the entire point behind the whole 'not my cup of tea' type thing.

    The D3 team could have certainly done better, but I don't really think you guys understand how stressful, time consuming, and complex software development (especially video games) can be. Especially a game that had been in development for so long and had been changed so many times. They have admirably tried to deliver you what you want and are met not only with no appreciation, but with hatred. Seriously? Its a video game. Jay Wilson is a human. Diablo 3 is his job. Can you imagine if a small mistake at work (which is what this would compare to) was met with public redicule, threats, and a constant spew of vitriol? Its immature and unfair.
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    Jay Wilson 'resignation' + 1.0.7 patch and all that to cover PoE open beta?
    Dirty play Blizzard, dirty play.
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    Mabye now we can get some randomness in the game instead of the same maps for every area over and over where only the dungeons have different places, thats the biggest reason i stopped playing, i could dream the maps and it got so boring...
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    Finally we got rid of the guy who destroyed the game. I hope you'll never work in the industry again Jay!
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    The person responsible for destroying one of the best brands in the game history in now over with it!

    A hope ?
    A chance.
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    I don't doubt Jay did the best job he could. He had the challenge of making a genre of game that hadn't been done really well since the last Diablo. Since then games have changed drastically. Anyone who thinks Jay could've release a game just like D2 and all would've been well is kidding themselves. Jay had a huge challenge and I think he did well. Of course much changes needed to be made, but much of the changes have already been made and many are still to come.

    I wish he could be around to direct the game to its final product, but his fingerprints will be on this game forever and I think, for the most part, he did a great job. There are always haters of games, and I'm glad Bilzzard heeds their advice to some extent, but some people are so rude because they've never had or will never have a job this big. Cheers Jay, you did a great job. It's clear you you put blood, sweat, and tears in to this. I played a lot of hours and am not even close to done yet.
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    I think this had less to do with fans bitching and more to do with the MASSIVE amount of time they spent on PVP that they have scrapped and taken back to the drawing board now. I'll mess around with it whenever it shows up, but I'm not fixated on it. Still, I was concerned when the blog went up that basically said, "We've got nothing to show for the last 9 months. Here is dueling so that you can beat each other up if you want." Granted, other systems have been introduced since release, but all teams were not required at all times to put those together.

    Or, as someone on page 1 said, Jay made more money from this game than any other PC game in 2012. Time to put those talents to good use in other IPs. I do think he is used as a scapegoat, it makes me sad. D3 hasn't been an endless source of entertainment for me, but I got more play time out of it than most games I've bought in the last few years, and I'll get yet more I'm sure. I never expected WoW with demons. After all, they can't support the game in the same way they do WoW on box sales alone.
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    Good luck to Jay and all the best in his future endeavors. Those 600+ hours played I have put into D3 are telling a story.
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    IMO the team pussied out of a lot of things during the development. Obviously, not all of those decisions were Jay's, but still, he was the game director, and I'm not sad at all that he is moving on.
    D3 is most certainly not a bad game. But it's not nearly as awesome as it could have been. Hopefully someone with a little more balls will take over. All the best to Jay.
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    O shit! They should keep him where he was. Diablo 3 was already fucked ... now something else will get screwed.
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    soo.. this means hes swapping to titan.. <.
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    the only real mistake with d3 was not having regular content updates and pvp ready at release. the game is good and certainly worth the money. most people buy a game and play it for 20-50 hours at most. i'm betting every single person in this thread broke 100 hours on d3. i'm sure some went past 200 or even 300.

    people wanted a game they would play as much and for as long as WoW while not paying a subscription. they may not admit it, but that's the cause behind a lot of the whine/complaint posts.
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    LOLOLOLOL This video shows a little girl owning JAY LIKE A BAWS - Paragon level 1337 roflmao

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    I will be moving off of the Diablo III project and transitioning elsewhere within Blizzard.

    cant do much damage as the office tea lady.

    Although in all reality I expect he is being moved over to the Titan Project, Guess he will fuck that up too.
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    What a creative way of saying:

    "You fcked it up, we we'll put you on another project where you won't have as much resposibilities."
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    Quote from nickblame

    In terms of sophistication D3 is for brain dead 7 year-olds

    Yeah, you need 2 more years to play it then
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    I could have told you the lead designers of Diablo 3 would eventually be asked to step down the day I saw that the beta was nothing like the original E3 demo.
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    Rencol - Diablo fan since 1996 and walking encyclopedia of Diablo lore.
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    I think this Webcomic explains why he had to change departments!
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