Patch 1.0.7 Datamined Information

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    I am so excited for those monk changes. Finally we can stray from keeping sweeping wind up and spamming my mantra. Glorious day for monks
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    they did say that we will not have PvP Scoreboard ?
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    Crafting is still going to be an expensive crap-shoot if you get anything good if the current system goes live.
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    add a f***ing rating! (cant be that hard plus you alraedy did so in WoW...)
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    • RegionSelectionTooltip_App - Region selection is disabled when Diablo III is launched from the Desktop app.

    Am I the only one that noticed this and thought of the Steam app or Origin app? Is this indeed what this is?

    Edit: just saw something about this on mmo-champion. Here it is for those that are curious: Desktop App
    Something interesting showed up in tonight's Diablo III Patch 1.0.7 PTR datamining. One of the new client strings was "Region selection is disabled when Diablo III is launched from the Desktop app." In addition to this, the Producer job opening had a new line added to it somewhat recently: " App – developing the next-generation desktop client."
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    Wave of Light is getting back to what it originally was when before the beta. Originally the skill did I think 2400% dmg cause I saw it and was like WTF! (but it could have been 1200%) but I know I slowly watched it drop lower and lower to the point that it was useless. I'm excited to get to try it out and see if Monks will have some skills that are worth using now since I only play my Monk when I play.
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    Oh yeah, buffs are definitely what the Wizard needed... lol
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    Quote from Gith

    Oh yeah, buffs are definitely what the Wizard needed... lol

    Your sarcasm is not lost on me lol xD abilitys need to be changed rather than buffed atm CM/archon is just to strong unless they buff the other abilitys to the point of 1 shoting stuff.
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    wizard blizzard is super buffed!
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    No real change to skills
    No real new build possibility
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    They are buffing TR and SW!? :D
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    I love the changes to wave of light, tempest rush and blizzard! can't fully understand the other buffs though... some skills don't need any while others get buffed only by an almost unnoticeable amount. but overall I'm pretty excited for this patch!
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    Happy to the see the Wizard buffs. Love me some Stark Winter.
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    I hope they don't forget about the promised fixing of the wizard passive and active skill synergy. Currently quite a few limit your active skill choices if you want to have any benefit of them.
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    I feel little diasppointed about Monk changes, can any 1 confirm is it all possible Monk changes or there coud be something hiden u wasnt able to find yet until full PTR patch notes officialy will be realesd ? I dont think that changing only DMG% in skill can make big difference in Monk playstyle atm. they shoud change a lot in skills mechanic 1st imo. No info about useless mantras , annoying skills mechanic ( knoback ) and spirit regeneration for Monks. If its rlly all Monk changes than its fail patch for me , even if they boost Tempest Rush and Sweeping Wind i dont feel like this skill were need it , they are already used by 90% of Monks.
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    Those crafting costs can't be right. 1 Demonic Essence per item is trivial to farm with the droprates they gave, meaning they would effectively just cost gold like current crafting. Doesn't make sense that they would add all these new systems just to do that.
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    Awsome info, i also found some info from an poolish guy im sure u want to check this out xD
    Watch this
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    Looks like typical update to me ...
    spend millions to craft random stats ...LAME .. to say the least ..
    makes crafting not good ..

    i see no improvement for my monk ...other then what is dictated by blizz...the play it this way and like it theory ...
    not cool ...
    they so don't listen to people ...
    kinda like our gov ...listen to the minority ..

    i don't want the pvp ...dont care about it ...hope the people who do get to really enjoy ...the people who all bought there gear smoke ur arse

    really sounds lame ...

    people listen and weep ...just like mp power ..they said it wasn't a nerf when in all reality it was a HUGE nerf ..

    simple reason ..before that i could burn through the strongest trash now i can't ...
    hmmm.. supposse that's not a nerf ..wake up ppl ...
    now they addd can bertter experience for mp10 ....well before it came i could get the best experience they take that away ...LAME once again ...

    hmmm... still HUGE dissapointment ...

    Can i find my own gear without having to buy it ???????

    Another ? ...if you dont buy gold long would it take an average person to afford to craft one new item ???
    months ??? years ????
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    They still need to add better combo runes; Thunderclap is just way to useful compared to the others. More offensive passives. All classes need better two-hand weapons/skill synergy. Crafting needs to be reworked from the ground up, 1-60; don't call it crafting if all you're doing is the old Gheed Gamble.
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    Quote from snijboon

    Awsome info, i also found some info from an poolish guy im sure u want to check this out xD
    Watch this

    those are very very old, we had them newsed the day they were pulled from the client :)
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