Patch Notes Are Being Compiled, Time Investment in Games, What's Your Favorite Realm of Pure Evil Encounter?, 50 Million Archon

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    Patch Notes Are Being Compiled
    It seems that the PTR and possibly the developer blog are indeed very close. The buzzword is now "quite soon".

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    The PTR patch notes are still being compiled, which is why I cannot offer you any specifics yet, but it should not be long until you will get all the information about the contents of the patch :-)

    Vaneras is my favorite CM and cheers to her for interaction and always a civil and breezy tone!
    I hate to burst your bubble here, but I am actually a him ;-)

    You just annihilated his fantasy :D
    I'm just another dude on the internet so I am not able to live up to anyone's fantasies LOL.

    he sentence he used "The PTR patch notes are still being compiled"
    => Meaning that it is not finished yet as the process is still on-going
    Yup. The notes are not quite finished yet but they are being finalised now, which is why I am going to go all out crazy now and use the words "quite soon" :-O

    by the sounds of it .... today
    Not sure it will be today, I just can't promise that. I really would give you guys an exact time and date if I could, but that is not possible to do as there may be some last minute changes... this is why I feel so compelled to make variants of the word "soon" :-)

    Time Investment in Games
    Grimiku gives a statement regarding the popular opinion: "If you sank that much time into a game than it was worth the money".

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    I would like to chime in, and both agree and disagree at the same time. Playing a game for a certain number of hours might make it worth the money spent on it, but spending a lot of time in a game shows a deeper investment. When a design decision that you don’t agree with is made, it would be easier to dismiss it if the game only had its monetary value for you. However, if you disagree with a change and it’s a game that you’ve sunk a lot of hours into then it can feel like worlds colliding.

    Either way a complaint is feedback and it all counts. As long as people are addressing the issue and not the individuals surrounding it (i.e. players or developers) then we are happy to read it and pass it along.

    What's Your Favorite Realm of Pure Evil Encounter?
    In this week's question to the fans Blizzard asks the player base which of the Infernal Machine encounters is their favorite.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    In patch 1.0.5 we introduced the Infernal Machine, a cursed device capable of opening portals to demonic realms guarded by "uber" versions of some of the most malevolent mischief-makers this side of New Tristram.
    • King Leoric and Maghda guard the Royal Crypts in the Realm of Discord
    • Ghom and Rakanoth defend the Larder in the Realm of Chaos
    • And Siege Breaker and Zoltun Kulle protect the Edge of the Abyss in the Realm of Turmoil
    For those of you who've already been transported to one of the randomly-selected Realms of Pure Evil, we'd like to know which encounter is your favourite one and why?

    Archon InfernoFriday: 50 Million Archon Budget Guide
    In this budget video, guide extraordinaire Archon InfernoFriday, is aiming at a 200k buffed DPS Archon Wizard, with a budget of 50 million gold. During the video you'll see his Auction House selection process and the final result in an MP2 farm session.

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    Well as WD i like Discord and Chaos.I cant choose from two of em thought.I despise-hate Turmoil!That combo of bosses is annoying.(Especially when my stupid pets hit Siege Breaker instead of Kule >.<)
    As for the new patch i will wait the notes.I hope they have something more than bug and class fixes and just pvp duel(which i dont care for it,since Diablo is meant to be PvE game not PvP :P )
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    "I'm not going to say there is no chance, but I think it will be unlikely that the notes will be ready for posting on this side of the weekend."

    so monday ....
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    Can't wait for dueling. Hope they make higher MP, say 5+, more rewarding in terms of XP and items. And uber's could drop more legendaries too. ;)
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    Quite soon. So...spring release as opposed to summer.
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