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    Quote from Molster

    Quote from Litheum

    @ The Facebook contest.....

    Just wanted to point out that you guys never said anywhere (at least that I know, and I am a pretty stable Diablofans member) how people would be notified they won. I check the news post daiy waiting for details on winner announcements, and never seen anything posted. For that matter, it was never said if the Forum User winners were picked and notified (and how).

    May want to announce how winners will be notified (I assumed it would be on D-fans, so never checked my Facebook mail) and leave up a few more days before giving away their prize.

    If it was posted, I missed it, and I check news and Forums about 4-5 times a day, so I'm sure others missed it too.

    How could we contact someone on Dfans with only their FB info :P
    anyway the point of this IS that post to let people know

    the forum contest people have already been contacted, and all have replied.

    Normally after you guys run a contest, you have a news post that just says "Congrats to the winners of the XX contest!" and if its a forum contest, name them in the news or something along those lines. Thats all I meant. That didnt happen this time, and I assumed you guys just hadnt picked the winners yet :P

    Either way, I didnt win :(
    And now I know I can stop checking for the announcement LOL.
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    Quote from overneathe

    Quote from BeRse

    the patch will come on january the 23th to counter the start of the PoE Beta
    i'm 99% sure because thats how Blizzard works ...

    That's how all big companies work. :)
    Hopefully it's that soon indeed!

    no, only the evil ones ...
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    I can see it now. Patch 1.07 Blog Coming Soon!!!

    2 Weeks Later : "Not soon soon but soon."

    2 Weeks After That :PATCH 1.07 BLOG!!!!

    "Uhhh... Well.... We've been working on 1.07 since 1.05 dropped and we just figured out that it is all crap and won't work at all. Check back in 4 months."
    "When I die, bury me inside da booty club."
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    And just for the record, nowhere are we acting or pretending Diablo III is the perfect game, in fact we have previously acknowledged more than once that Diablo III needs more things to keep people hooked and paying money.


    They call diablo III not a perfect game only because it does not give them enough money to sit and relax on bahamas.
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