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    Quote from djlard
    Blizz itself must first accept that D3 shining is gone

    DIII's shining was gone by the time you cleaned the puddle of drool you left on your keyboard upon installing the game. It lived and sold on the hype of its franchise and on what used to be blizzard's motto "when it's done"... and trampled both.
    Quote from Buu
    RIGHT NOW the only way I see to make Diablo 3 work is to finally release the offline mode, where everyone can cheat all the way they like, edit saves as much as they want, win paragon levels at the touch of a Button, ON THEIR OWN MACHINES, UNPLUGGED FROM B.NET AND THE AH.

    Actually, the only way to make dIII work would be to jump aboard a DeLorean, go back in time and fix the fundamental flaws it was released with.
    Quote from brx
    "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." Shigeru Miyamoto-nintendo boss

    Something that could be applied to DIII. I don't say dIII is "bad" (it's still overall enjoyable as long as you don't try to go in too deep), but it should never have been released as it was and won't live up to its predecessors any time soon... if it ever does.
    In a sense, I'd say DIII is Diablo's Phantom Menace.
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    I wrote a wall of text ,and there's one sentence posted ? nevermind...
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    Quote from bmiha

    I wrote a wall of text ,and there's one sentence posted ? nevermind...

    What happened there? Did your post not save? No one has touched it on our side.
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    nah ,you guys are not doing enough against gold botters , I ahd m ignore list full ( all gols spams cuz when u report its blocked for you imidetly) , and when i was ubaning them I sow only around 50% of them saying ,this account is not existing or some kind of error , all others were normal ....( I asume normal onesa re the ones that are not banned)
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    Don't listen to the trolls. It's always easier to flame and whine than being constructive as this takes a lot more time. You'll have to pick out the bright parts, like excellent theory crafter and guide writers. These are really good!
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    Nice posts from the cm's, I agree wholeheartedly. These types of posts that clam games are trash are on every site for every game now. Remember when GW2 didn't release their forums until 2 or 3 weeks after launch? Smart but it made them look weak at the same time. It's so much healthier for ragers to go and find another game they like instead of getting all emotional on the forums, refreshing the page to see if anyone responded to their garbage posts, felling good when they batter others with their almighty opinions.
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    As we’ve said many times before, we do appreciate feedback and constructive discussions, and we try our best to cultivate an environment where players feel comfortable discussing all things Diablo III. We realize the forums aren’t always going to be overflowing with rainbow unicorns and fluffy teddy bears, but that’s to be expected, and we truly do appreciate the continued passion of the Diablo III community.

    This I have to say is just so poor on so many levels. Years ago I used to be a moderator on the IGN message Boards and Blizzard's forums compared to the IGN's forums in terms of moderation and how it was run is absolutely horrendous. They are not cultivating any good environment for people to feel comfortable about discussing things about Diablo III. Forum trolls be they supporters or haters of the game run wild, the moderation team keeps themselves hidden behind an iron wall of secrecy, and community managers do a terrible job at their job. I know their jobs aren't easy, especially since I've been there as a moderator, but often times they come off as 'Blizzard Drones' to the community, though whether that is truly all their fault or the rules they have to abide by...it's still flaws all the way down. As a previous moderator that used to mod the Pokemon General Community Board, which was one of the higher traffic boards, I talked in topics with posters there, helped them with advice, etc, etc...I WAS PART OF THE COMMUNITY and in return I gained a lot of respect from the community. That and I wasn't a complete 'rule with an iron fist mod', but I kept people in line and because of that and other mods on the board, the board was very well behaved and the members ENJOYED our moderating presence because we were 'part of the crew'...just crew members with banhammers. With that said...

    There is a severe lack of transparency between Blizzard and its fanbase, and when compared to other places like the Path of Exile forums where the designers are posting in threads, answering questions, and even taking time out of their schedules to answer questions on streams. Heck, Chris Williams and others were talking LIVE with Kripparian while he streamed and answered questions for around 2 hours or so from the livestream chat and from Kripp directly and they even talked about some of the up and coming changes for open beta and Act III. Grinding Gear Games may be an indie company with far less a budget than Blizzard, but they're doing it right...they ARE being transparent, they are COMMUNICATING with their player base as much as their time schedule sallow them, and they are forming good bridges between them and their fans. THIS is something that Blizzard has failed quite hard on, and over the years it's repeatedly returned to bit them in the butt over and over again and part of the reason why the Diablo III community forums are seen as such a wretched hive of scum and villainy, if you'll pardon the movie quote reference.

    There is also a lot of frustration from the community due to the above mentioned things as well as so much good constructive criticism seemingly falling on deaf ears and outright ignored. Again, it begs the question that if smaller indie companies like GGG can have their all-important lead devs coming onto the boards and talking and answering questions, then why can't Blizzard devs do that? I mean, they certainly have plenty of time to tweet and facebook post "**** that loser!" with the amount of free time they seem to show that they have through their actions. I can sorta understand them NOT wanting to given how hostile the community is, but they are partially to blame here...the whole Blizzard team is as for what is stated above. So when the community feels ignored, when suggestions made by people who ARE frustrated with the state of Diablo III and WANT to see it become a better game that lives up to its predecessors' legacy, and when Blizzard just doesn't seem to care or acknowledge its player base that IS trying to help...what happens to that community?

    It becomes hostile, full of vitriol, and in this case is a very good reflection of how poorly this game has been handled. Perhaps old but the saying "You reap what you sow" fits well here. Blizzard made a poor product, made poor decisions, is now being rather arrogant as a company, isn't listening as well as it should to its player base that IS trying to help, etc, etc...they are certainly reaping every bit of what they sowed.
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    I agree... Those gold spam are annoying
    Wish d3 released pvp at same time as releasee
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    Everything I want is PvP, can't wait...
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    hopefully they can take care of gold spammers faster in d3.
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    Remember the time the bad community said "fuck that loser" to Jay Wilson?

    Oh wait, It wasn't that way....
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    I have to say, the Diablo team is the one Blizzard team who actually disappoint me. Warcraft and Starcraft teams are mostly pretty awesome. But Diablo...

    Let me explain. Diablo 3 at its core has so much potential. I was drooling over it so much, and the responce from the Beta was overwhelmingly positive from nearly every fan. Problem is, they seemed to spend all that time polishing just what we got in the Beta - about an eighth of the total game (maybe even a tenth). Therefore that part is incredibly well polished, and then after that things go downhill.

    No PvP nearly a year after launch? Sorry, but the reasons given don't sit with me. The Diablo team themselves claimed they didn't want to make it an eSport - which is codeword for 'not fully balanced' - which everyone seemed to be fine with. They just wanted some fun, balanced or no, to mess about with their friends. Its not like Diablo 2 was remotely balanced, and neither is WoW!

    100% online mode? Poor choice. Very poor choice. Offline mode should be required for any game that isn't an MMO - which Diablo is not. If Diablo 3 had hubs where you could see dozens or hundreds of other players running around, chatting and trading and making parties, I'd have said that 100% online mode would have been acceptable. But we didn't get that at all!

    Also, with gold spammers, there should be a very simple solution implimented - a block all communications function. And friend requests should never appear unless you BOTH submit the request, after all you're both friends and know each other's account names! Random people adding you as a friend is irritating, especially when its a bot!

    Lastly, Inferno. It should have been left alone for the most part (exceptions - Invulnerable Minions needed to go and die in a fire). Only balance tweeks and maybe closing the gap between Act 1 and Act 2 (personally I'd have made Act 1 HARDER, but there we go...). I'd have also made Hell mode harder (right now it feels just like Normal in the gear you find) and level 55+, and had you level up much faster so you're level 40 by the time you're in Nightmare, 55 at Hell, and 60 by Act 2 Hell. Thus, more level 60 endgame for more casual players, and less grinding required to get to Inferno for the more skilled players who then skip the rest of Hell and jump right into Inferno.

    Oh, actually. One last thing. I'd have deleted the Leah character from the game and kept Cain alive. She annoyed me so much I can't even describe.
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