Blizzcon 2013 Confirmed, TryHard Video: Starting Fresh, DiabloFans - "Holiday in Sanctuary" Giveaway!, End of the Heart of the S

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    Pleazez want more pretty cinematics and good news ;D
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    Interesting series. Perhaps a bit too much gameplay / too long.
    I wouldnt expect too much from this years Blizzcon. They'll speak about Titan when they feel ready independently of Blizzcon.
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    Depending on the date, I expect an announcement of the expansion but not many details. Its release will have been delayed by all the work that had to go into these patches for base D3.
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    News on project Titan will be super hyped.
    Hopefully we'll see some awesome concepts for d3 as well.
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    Blizzcon eh? I'm guessing they'll be show casing D3 expansion.
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    Blizzcon is going to be very interesting considering they didn't have it in 2012 and there's still unrest around WoW and Diablo III and even Starcraft II with the recent decisions that have been made. Granted, Blizzard does have time to see what they can do to potentially rectify and smooth things over with the fans, but if not...Blizzcon is going to be very tense to say the least.

    As far as the video...gotta say I like this one better than the DH guide one. That one was just very poorly done, too much misinformation given, and didn't touch upon some of the better gear choices while outright dismissing and downplaying the rather good new Natalya's set and its 20 Discipline bonus. At least if you're going to make a gearing guide you should cover more bases and show people more possibilities for gearing characters.
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    Looking forward to hearing some news about a Diablo 3 add-on :)
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    Hell yeah lovely cosplay women... and perhaps some news about Project Titan
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    Ooo im really looking forward to blizzcon. i always like those shows :) great with the panels and such.
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    Hope to see Titan and the D3 expansion - and think they will announce the next WoW expansion as well. Doubt they will go too much into SC2 Protos only 6 months after HotS.
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    yay blizzcon. titan trailers please!
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    Blizzcon has always been something I'd love to go to, but I'd dearly like to go on a year they had some really groundbreaking stuff to play on the computers there.
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