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    BGs in D3? I don't think so ;p Still, waiting for them to surprise me!
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    I think a battleground system for D3 would work! It would be amazing to have some huge battles in d3. And I also think its quite dissapointing that they are starting the pvp feature all over again. I was waiting for this! :(
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    I think battlegrounds would work. However they would probably need to spend so much time on developing and balancing that diablo 4 is already gonne be out.

    Love the idea however.
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    I've had little to no hope in team deathmatch, but something like a battleground sounds absolutely awesome. I know many people who would play the game again, if something like that would happen.
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    What ever they are working on its about time that something new is coming. I see more and more people getting bored of the existing conntent reaching plvl 100 or something and then der isn't much left to do. And I'm not talking of hardcore gamer they where at this point a long time ago. Its more guys like me playing for 2-3h a day and perhaps a couple more on Weekends if you like to reach plvl 90 or whatever.
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    The Diablo 3 has done enough scrapping and removing of things as it is. I think PvP might be completely rubbish no matter what they do with it now.
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    They better come up with something new and good if they want to keep some people playing.
    "Then at long last, Azmodan shall reign as the Prime Evil!"
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    Quote from Kraglos

    It's nice to see that we got more feedback on that matter. Although I don't share their point of view of "Make everyone happy with a single system". Why not release different systems that appeal to different people rather than scrapping what they've got after 7 months?

    Can't you see the obvious? It's so simple to understand. That's because... because... I mean, it's obvious they can't... that people ple wouldn't,.... And there is that mechanic problem which is... And surely, I mean....

    Yeah, there is way out of that argument. Jaywilsoned...
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    What an excellent way to get the community involved. Kudos, diablofans. I'm not all that much into PvP myself but it would be a neat thing to try if a battleground-type thing was implemented in D3. Some kind of big 10 v 10 thing where you have a bunch of players going at it.

    Though it would cause many a player to wonder; if we can have 10-20 people on the screen at once with all their abilities flying, would it not be possible and probable, then, to let 8 people join a regular game as it was in D2? If I recall correctly, one of the main reasons they went with 4 was to reduce the amount of stuff flying everywhere.

    Battlegrounds would seem to me to kinda go backwards on that. Though who knows, Blizzard IS known to come up with some good ideas. Maybe they've still got a few left.
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    .meeh, I don't really mind the lack of team deathmatch as long as we're getting duels, which we are getting in 1.7.
    What I'm dissapointed in is the lack of information in the pvp blog that has been rumored for so long, i was hoping for something like the dev watercoolers the wow devs do =(
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    bgs would be great.
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    And they push it back some more.. like they always do.. Didn't live up to their design goal..!
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    if they could make it work battlegrounds would be awesome in d3
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    This 'blog' is a big slap in the face
    Just enable the beta 'arenas' and let the people decide.
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    I think battlegrounds would be an awesome idea. It would take work from Blizzard since it's a new feature for the Diablo scene and balanced issues will be in order, no doubt there, but I think it would bring a whole new dynamic do D3 and potentially even atract a new type of competitive PvP gamers from other games.
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    I like how Battlegrounds are beeing discussed when PvP has yet to arrive.
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    I think battlegrounds would be good idea in d3 tbh.
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    I'm not exactly sure how Battleground-style PVP would work in Diablo 3.

    I love the idea of a DOTA-style PVP feature, though. That could work very well.
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    BG in D3.. seems like an interesting concept... would definitely be interested to see what thats all about
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    HotS beta key giveaway.... :)
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