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    Another is class balance. Like Diablo II, Diablo III was designed to be a PvE-first kind of game, where we never compromised on player abilities in the name of future PvP balance. We want to be able to carry over as many of the crazy runes, items, and skills as possible, with their crazy effects, and alter them as little as possible.

    So we may eventually be able to use more than 2 builds (and still being competitive), I'M getting bored of Archon + CMWW. While I can do anything, these two are by far the best and doing anything else (as long you have the gear) is stupid if you want to farm efficiently.
    I hope they remove CM and buff / totally change all the useless runes (90% of our spells basically)

    we've found that it falls short of our expectations for a high-quality Blizzard experience.

    I'm not sure what to expect from them now, it just takes way too much time adding something and the things they add doesn't seem to take 6months of developpement time.
    New legendary: After 6month I would have expected most legendary to be good, not half. (full set too..)
    Paragon level: Surely took a lot of time to develop, I wouldn't be surprised this idea has been posted by a forum's member
    Infernal machine: I do not say it is boring, I just say that after 6 month I expect more from a "high quality blizzard experience". Taking 6 models, putting them in an already-all-made room and add the shadowy effect from Diablo'S fight is... well, seems to be recycling, I'd expect that after 2-3 month
    Spells rework and tuning: OMG YAY... o wait most of them still sucsk, you still haven't removed CM so we'd still be too dumb to use anything else (beside Archon if you can pull the dps per mp).
    Monster Power: it's like Mc'Donald, I'm lovin it.

    So in short, yes there has been a lot of change, and we can expect (I DO expect) as much if not more change to 1.0.7, but I still have the feeling it takes WAYYYYY too much time.
    They're talking about removing pets damage from reflectdmg affix, OMG HOTFIX DAT !!!!
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    Is Blizzard trying to prevent me from quitting the game?

    Aw, geez, I would like a few $Ks for my account, though.
    Blizzard Entertainment - Diablo III Community MVP
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    Quote from Buu

    And I laughed HARD on "But in continuing to develop this mode, playtest it, and put it in front of other developers within the company, we've found that it falls short of our expectations for a high-quality Blizzard experience."

    WAIT WHAT!!??? Where were them when ALL THE REST of Diablo 3 was to be tested?

    Indeed. I know not everyone goes for the lore aspect of the Diablo franchise, but to say I was disappointed with the story of Diablo III would be an understatement. (If anything, it was more like reading a bad fanfic.)

    edit: i blame my finger for not pressing 'I' a third time
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    Beechsack, It's sad in a sense that all you can beat is NPC's. But i understand, retarded AI for a retarded player, makes sense.

    Actiblizz just sucks, they are clueless when it comes to Diablo as a whole. Failure upon failure upon failure, people get tierd of it and eventually quit. I played alot in the beginning but now i dont even play everyday and when i play, i play less then an hour, if even that. I knew this was going to happen, any form of Player vs Player mode is to hardcore for the Diablo franchise in Actiblizzards eyes. It's lame, beyond lame.

    Sojourna: Diablo 3 story line was so bad it can't even be described and put into words. When i was finished with the story line i was convinced that Actiblizzard had failed misserably and i was right:P Sad thing.. they coul've made a masterpiece..
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    Company this size can't even get their sh*t together.
    Already stop playing 6months ago waiting for PVP.
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    In my opinion it is a huge mistake just to scrap the death match. Even if it's underwhelming so is dueling. It's a fun thing to do sometimes or if your 11 years old. Dueling isn't something that should keep your attention for hours.

    Death match could have had potential if they had some type of ranking system. Once again Blizzard dropped the ball big time. PvP won't be 1.1 it will be 2.0.
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    So much for... Soon™
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    Quote from Rhodair

    Quote from Mastodon

    Just saying, I am disappointed that PVP has not come out yet. Yet, they did said patch 1.1 for pvp, and we are getting a placeholder atm for PVP. IMO, I am glad that we get something, rather then no new content. It's better to think positive then to surmise the negative. To reiterate, patch 1.1 for PVP and this will only be patch 1.0.7.

    They never planned on a 1.0.7. Before the game even released, they laid out their patch intents for the year, stating there'd be an AH patch, bug patches, a class rebalance patch, etc. They listed the rough intent behind the patches all the way up to 1.0.6 and then went on about 1.1 by the end of the year. They're slipping 1.0.7 in there to stall for time.

    They should renumber all those patches retroactively as 0.0.3, 0.0.5, 0.0.7... No wait, 007 is too cool for them. Change them to b.0.7.
    It's because that game is so unfinished that it should receive a b standing for beta.

    Or an f instead of 1. You can choose between any of the meanings of F. From grade to a kind of word.

    P.S.: Probably bots don't like Diablo PvP....
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    lulz@ people thinking DM have been scraped and won't make a come back for a (59.99$) expansion, or at least as a commercial bait.
    lulz@ people satisfied with dueling.

    Is there anything left to salvage in this game?
    "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." Shigeru Miyamoto-nintendo boss

    "I think it's hilarious because gamers won't be getting watered down anything.
    This is flat out Diablo 3." -Anonymous discussing the console version
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    soon after release my ass
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    this is pathetic...
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