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    This is kind-a sad.
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    Shame on them. 7 months to realize that it wouldn't work? And that's after getting outside developers to chime in? (they couldn't realize this themselves?)

    This is just one giant bungled game that people are still playing. I feel sorry for fans who may have been waiting for this blog to see it was really a blog about...nothing.

    Not only that, but dueling? Sure it was fun in D2, but D2 didn't have the comically overgeared players this game has in less than a year in existence.

    Low marks blizzard!
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    Eh... diablo 2 style duels should've been in D3 from start. And that's all the PvP that diablo's need.
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    Originally Posted by (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    I imagine it's no surprise to anyone reading this blog that people like battling each other in video games, so if you had the chance to play our Team Deathmatch at one of the BlizzCons where we featured it you might not understand why we'd say that we don’t feel the current mode is good enough.

    I was one of the lucky people that did play the pvp arena at Blizzcon 2011... It was fucking amazingly fun. WTF? Here's me having a shitton of fun:

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    Quote from Beechsack

    Hopefully the PvP whiners will actually quit now instead of threatening to do so.

    This. And go to the 'other game' forums.
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    Wow.. just.. wow.

    I spent soo many hours (years!) looking forward to D3.. theory crafting before we even had anything to theory craft.

    I've played TONS of D3 and for the most part enjoyed the time - so I can't really say that I think the game is a terrfic failure.

    But does it / has it fallen WAY short of my hopes and dreams? Absolutely.

    The last two months or so have been a "wait for PvP" time for me - hoping that my D3 love would be rekindled.

    Now with this news.. I'm ready to really and actualy move on. Path of Exile is SO amazing (been in the beta for almost half a ayear and it just keeps getting better and better with every patch). I'll be playing the heck out of it.

    I'm not calling D3 a failure, or a bad game. Its not. But its nothing even remotely close to what I hoped it would be (for me at least) while spending over a year of my life devouring every piece of development news.

    I'll of coruse keep tabs on the game - I'll give dueling a try - I'd also be lying if I said I wont still be hoping / praying for a better game to come of it all with future patches / expansions. But for the time being.. I'm moving on to PoE.

    Been fun hanging out here (not been around alot of late), espacialy during development.
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    some people are never happy,
    Really I have never seen a more entitled, selfish lot than some of the people posting on this.

    Yes PVP has been delayed. but would you rather have it been released in a form that would give you a couple of hours enjoyment at most, with no objectives, or rewards for playing it.
    or would you rather have something that has some substance behind it, some objectives, and actually gave rewards ?

    as for those people who "quit the game forever" simply because the designers are taking their time and trying to do something correctly instead of some half arsed attempt which would not only cause more problems with the game, but would inflame the player base even further.

    Personally I would rather wait a few more months and have something that looks and plays well rather than having something rushed out and looking like a turd, only to have it tweaked and polished over time. After all no matter how much you polish a turd, its still a turd.
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    "Hey, I came inside your sister even though I promised to wear a condom and got her pregnant, and I'm not going to be responsible. I just wanted to be upfront about it, I'm just not ready for a kid." (Blizzards response in a real life scenario)

    Basically they said they have trash developers and no innovation what so ever, and that this little blog post is supposed to make it all better. So saying you are incapable of living up to the expectations made by your betters is enough to allow you to keep your job... that's just great.

    This game is truly dead now, with the post it might have well been the nail in the coffin. No prospects, no ideas, nothing fun or engaging. People were hoping that PvP would save the game, and kept playing with that hope at the center of their resolve... well that's gone now. I'd say "GG" Blizzard, but I'd be lying.
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    Why do they build up all that hype for an upcoming PvP-Blog when they know it's just an excuse? I don't get it. At least they add that long overdue duelling option so we can see barbs dodging each others whirlwinds ;)
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    Honestly, I'm ok with waiting on PVP until they get something really good. Maybe something akin to AV in WoW?
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    Quote from Beechsack

    Hopefully the PvP whiners will actually quit now instead of threatening to do so.

    Doubt that will happen, its the classic bunch of whiny teens.. They are all mouth.
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    Duelling some friends is always fun, but I still don't see how they can balance team deathmatches without changing most of the current abilities. But that's probably the reason Blizzard keeps delaying it, since they don't know either :)
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    I have to say, I'm glad that I never had the slightest bit of interest in PvP in D3. I'd be pretty disappointed if I did want to PvP.
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    How long have we been waiting for some information about PVP? Too long and what do we get? Another let down. It's obvious they don't know what they're doing. Dueling should've been in from May 15th, pathetic.

    Time to sell everything and move on. It's really disappointing.. doubtful i would trust them with a feature complete game enhancing/mending expansion at this rate. They have no idea.
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    You guys definitely need to get better management, since missing a deadline is bad. You guys need to live up to the time line you committed, so if you had to work 24/7 for the last month of dec to finish this then you should have. No excuse is good enough to justify missing a deadline, since you gave yourself 7 months to finish this.
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    Quote from CherubDown

    I was one of the lucky people that did play the pvp arena at Blizzcon 2011... It was fucking amazingly fun. WTF? Here's me having a shitton of fun:

    i was there too and tried it. from the sound of it, they WILL release it. I'm guessing for expansion! i still wish it would stay in PTR, for couple month then get released rather than teasing us =p

    I really liked that even if they say it wouldnt survive more than couple death matches and thats it..
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    Being alright with how they have handled the development of the game is simply being too accepting of mediocre results. I do not dispute that there is always a deluge of whiny, counter productive complaints out there constantly. But holding them to a standard that they built themselves with their previous titles should not be looked on as a bad thing.

    This game simply took far too long to arrive at the conclusions it came to and as we have seen they continue to try and steer it away from where the previous game was while invariably returning to its principles after seeing that it was probably a good route to take in the first place.

    They are intentionally obtuse and resistant to the idea that Diablo 2 (while clearly a title worth improving and building up from) was at its core a very engaging game for a wide range of gamers. They were far too determined to creating a game that stood out from its predecessors rather than something that felt as if it was a natural next step in the franchise.

    Why not pair the stellar, smooth gameplay they have created in D3 with some depth and character?
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    Took an amazingly large number of words to say what was said.
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    And that doesnt come as a suprise at all.
    "Then at long last, Azmodan shall reign as the Prime Evil!"
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    This blog feels like it should've been released back on May 15.
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