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    Hopefully the PvP whiners will actually quit now instead of threatening to do so.
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    Quote from DesmondTiny

    Well at least we get Dueling. Thats a plus :) Hopefully it will hold over until actually PvP is implimented.

    Wish I was this optimistic.
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    Seems that wtat they working on it, is going to be better that just TDM. Dueling is atleast something for now. But there must me more in next patch , i believe
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    Quote from CherubDown

    Hahaha spot on!
    You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.
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    Quote from CherubDown true.

    I wonder why Jay hyped up the PVP blog on Twitter when he knew it would be an apology post. I really think Jay Wilson needs to learn a thing or two from a public relations standpoint. In terms of game design, it seems like finding out if a feature is fun would be priority number 1, instead of spending money to create a feature that gets scrapped.

    It seems like bad management of this game. If I was in Mike Morhaime's shoes I would fire Jay Wilson and get someone else.

    I wonder if 5 years down the line we will look back at Jay Wilson as the guy who single-handedly destroyed the Diablo franchise.
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    As I wrote in the other post; So they bribe us with some dueling so they can work another six month on the PVP which they prolly started from stratch with again. Not at all into PVP but it's pretty bad taking over a year for something that on the box says "soon after relase"...
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    Will duels work for HC? Fight until the bitter end? lol
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    Just saying, I am disappointed that PVP has not come out yet. Yet, they did said patch 1.1 for pvp, and we are getting a placeholder atm for PVP. IMO, I am glad that we get something, rather then no new content. It's better to think positive then to surmise the negative. To reiterate, patch 1.1 for PVP and this will only be patch 1.0.7.
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    Wow. After all this time for another disappointing news for pvp fans , i don't think i can handle this game anymore.
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    Yeah. It's pretty heart breaking that this was Diablo 3. I spent so much time assuring myself it would be amazing. I can't argue that some find the game to be just that, buuuut... I do not.
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    Hey guys, Im having a ton of fun in path of exile. Its like the skill system of final fantasy 7 (sockets/gems), the passive tree of final fantasy 10 (on steroids. Theres like 1400 nodes or something crazy) with the game play feel of diablo 2 (or champions of norath if you played that gem on ps2)

    this blog has decided it for me. Uninstalling Diablo 3 and am sticking to Path of Exile.
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    when will they implement PvE ?
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    "We've brought a lot of people in to try out Team Deathmatch and, while some found it entertaining, most of our testers didn't feel like it was something they'd want to do beyond a few hours"

    I feel like they must've taken this out of context (or had the wrong testers). Should read "most of our testers didn't feel like it was something they'd want to do beyond a few hours in one session." Or they just had casual testers, if you only play the game for 50hrs, "a few hours" is a sizable portion of the overall playtime.
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    It's path of exile 100% for me from now doubt
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    Seems odd that they'd wait this long and put in the amount of time developing Team Deathmatch as they did, only to scrap the whole thing in the end. Time for ladders? xD
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    So wait... You have a near polished team death match mechanic that you could implement quickly but you won't because it doesn't "fit" in your idea of what what pvp should be. However you say you will probably implement it later just for fun...

    Jay Wilson, what the fuck happened to your logic?! I use to love you! I gave you a hug at Blizzcon!!!
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    Aha... ahahaha... ahahaha
    God, good work blizzard, took you a while to phrase "we ain't got shit" in sooo much blue text.
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    Quote from Stephenk291

    rofl what a blog post...the fact it took them this long to basically write an excuse and not a blog is a joke. They basically just spit in the faces of all the people who paid for the game.

    "Well our idea we've been working on all this time didn't do very well , so we're scrapping it and just enabling 1v1 duels..thanks guys!"

    Uh, excuse me, you're wrong.

    I never intended to PVP in Diablo 3.

    For all I care, they can scrap the entire idea and it wouldn't phase me in the least.
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    ok..., can we at least have a 1.07 blog then?
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