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    Give me Pvp or something else to do!
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    Still no patch :( I guess their lead designers are very very angry that the PvP patch is not done yet. That is probably the reason why we do not see any fix patches either /sadface
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    All I listen to while playing is the VIP flashplaylist of aersia :3~
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    Best music for me to listen to during D3 runs is usually guitar instrumental. Joe Satriani, Beck, etc. Though, lately, 1940's Christmas music has a charm while whomping on demons.
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    Phaha ,you are so naive , no really ,developers of D3 don't care about you at all!!!! no profit - no content! you should realize that ,all WORLD live on these rules.Nobody is playing this game anymore ,except little "group" of "fanatics" who like Diablo series.Even developers said to you "they are focusing developers time for elsewhere ..." for example eating humburgers or doing something else ....no really can't be so silly ,guys....
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    Quote from Enty

    Hmm.. Wonder what that development time is going into? expansion or PvP. God I really hope it's PvP I've been looking for a reason to come back to this game other than Paragon Levels and the endless loot horde.

    I assume it is both. PvP better be released first though, diablo players are definitely getting restless.
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    Well combine this with Jay Wilson's words that "2013 will be a big year for Diablo" and i have my hopes up for 1.07.
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    Quote from AlucardIX

    Well combine this with Jay Wilson's words that "2013 will be a big year for Diablo" and i have my hopes up for 1.07.

    i do hope it will be a big year for diablo. the game is awesome so far, but it seems incomplete.
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    Hope they tune down reflect mobs a bit for the glass cannon classes, also good riddance invul!

    Thanks for HotS giveaway btw ^^ goodluck to all
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    Shame they don't add some christmas trees to tristram :P Of some rare santa hats with bonus exp. Would've been fun!
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    I was probably one of the few who enjoyed invulnerable minions. I would like to see them return even if they have to make other changes to the affix. Maybe weakening the champion or the minions themselves?
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    Even if there is no patch over the holidays, some updates on what they are doing would be nice.
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    The music I listen while playing Diablo changes to whatever mood I'm in. By default I listen to Deftones or Tool, it has energy and never it never seems to annoy me at any point.

    When playing with my friends and talking to them on Skype I switch to IDM, with artists such as Board of Canada, Aphex Twin, Airliner, Autechre, Com Truise, Dimlite, Shlomo and Hammock.

    I find music to be quite important for my gaming experience. The music I listen to when playing a game for the very first time will always be linked to that very moment. Meaning I will always link Deftones to Diablo III, StarCraft II and WoWMoP!
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    glad there is no holiday patch, It means after everything quiets down we can still play on Xmas morning and not have to wait for a patch.
    As well it gives the Blizzard folks time off to be with their families.
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    Oh well... waiting for the pvp update for some time... Maybe it's time to catch up with my friends now to be ready for it, whenever it comes.
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    Quote from AlucardIX

    Well combine this with Jay Wilson's words that "2013 will be a big year for Diablo" and i have my hopes up for 1.07.
    - pahahahh oh my god!!! jesus! 2 options : diablo community now are represented with kids 10-14 years old or just....hm how it say better , not having much IQ level...HE SAID they are doing something else than this game black on white letters !!!!!!! Ok let me explain to you developers "playing" with girls or something else ,you know....no diablo they don't care!!!!!!!!! no subscription payments -no need to do to improve the game .once paid and -profit! no "big " year )))) 2013 ( here I laughed 10 minutes!!!!) You are so short-sighted...really you can't read text ,you see only subtext ,but there is no subtext.Everything is simple NO WORK during holidays.No bid 2013 for diablo 3 ahahha- you are so funny....
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    Call me skeptical, but I sort of doubt we'll get that pvp blog post this year. When has Blizzard ever released something on time :)
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    i realy hope pvp patch is the new years gift to all users of diablo :d3d:
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    Hots looks really awesome in my opinion. I just wonder, does that mean that the pvp patch will only be out after hots is released? i.e April or something like that?
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    Thank the heavens for no more invulnerable minions affix.
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