Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway, No Holiday Patch Planned, Scheduled Game Maintenance - 12/18/2012, Blue Posts, Curse Weekl

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    Awesome! Few keys sadly, i hope my luck wont fail me :D
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    Meh, i didnt expect a patch anyway....pvp is gonna get pushed back for the expansion ofc we all know that

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    Still no info on PvP Blog? Was hoping we will get little christmas present in that form from Blizzard.
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    Great. No patch anytime soon... too much uber farming is too much !
    Anyway, gief HotS beta key plx :P
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    I hope I'll win my Christmas gift:>
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    yessssssssss giveaways, love giveaways
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    I'm still not interested in PvP, never have been. New content and items interests me more. And a better economy, less cheaters and farmers... fix what's broken before you add more. I'm not sure why the idea of an expansion beta feels too soon to me, but it does.
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    Quote from Miuho

    maybe we get pvp blog as xmas present ...or not

    Even if we get the blog, I wouldn't get my hopes up, CMs were talking about a 1.0.7 patch that has some sort of content, we'd have to have PTR for that which might take a few weeks. I'm expecting PvP by March atm, but it doesn't matter, Path of Exile OB starts in January :)
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    Thank god theres no holiday patch, too many events in too many games keep me busy already.

    Also Blizz seems to fire dem Beta Keys in all directions.
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    Quote from Unrealsiege

    They must have a masterplan for not releasing pvp yet you will see.

    or no plan at all:P how can u ballance a pvp where gear means so much compared to skills
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    also i want a key that is all

    good day sir
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    who in his right mind would ask for invulnerable minions back?

    i remember when my first HC char met invul. minions/horde/waller/fear... he was a good boy D:
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    still no pvp patch, nor even a blog

    seriously, how undone can it be after what... 6months? of not actual development but just improving?
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    Lets really hope the next patch will have PvP. Also, yey HotS beta \o/
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    Isnt the "We're focusing our development time elsewhere" just a reference to them spending time with their families over the holiday?

    Previously it was stated that the pvp blog was delayed (by two weeks?) Does this mean that we cant expect an update until start - mid of January?

    On the topic of PVP, I fear that the initial users of the feature will swarm the forums, calling for nerfs to all the classes and skill combinations they lost to. The gear difference might be large as well at the start, when the system is trying to find suitable matchmaking ratings for everyone, really glad im not a forum moderator during those times.
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    Pleased to see there's no holiday event, all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth PvP blog. And to those fearing a PvP expansion pack, I can't be bothered to track down the source but I assure you Blizzard quelled this rumour stating it would be free as a content patch, to revoke this decision would likely cost the trust of the entire community, thus I anticipate their stance will not change.

    And am I the only one who misses invulnerable minions? Played a seismic slam barb from launch though, might be contributory to my love for them, free loot :D
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    Beta Key will be my best Christmas gift i think :)
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    Quote from Hellfrog

    who in his right mind would ask for invulnerable minions back?

    i remember when my first HC char met invul. minions/horde/waller/fear... he was a good boy D:

    when I (witch doctor) played through the game with a friend(demon hunter) and got to inferno (after 4 days after release i think) we made our way through act1. we always tried to kill everything but our journey ended in the festering woods in one of the dungeons.

    There was this rare skeleton pack waiting for us right at the entrance: horde, mortar, invulnerable, fast...
    We did everything till then by kiting champs and rare packs over the whole map but this was just unkillable.

    I dont know how this guy is even able to write the words in this particular order to actually want invulnerable monsters back.
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    It seems we got free paragon farming until new year, if mayans will allow this :D
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    Focusing their development time elsewhere? What the hell is that supposed to mean?
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