Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway, No Holiday Patch Planned, Scheduled Game Maintenance - 12/18/2012, Blue Posts, Curse Weekl

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    banana pie
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    Quote from Corpsie

    I'm curious as to weather or not PvP is the only thing left before the expansion or if thye have other unannounced stuff.

    Also thanks for the chance for a beta key, hopefully If i have no luck here they will give me access for pre-ordering the CE copy already.

    There certainly should be something except PvP before expansion. Probably they will try to fix useless stats or improve itemization.
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    Heart of the Swarm Beta Giveaway, hooray! I dont care for a holiday patch if it means they bring out HotS faster :)
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    No holiday patch :( I think it's time for PvP to be released.Atleast i hope it will be in the beginning of the year.
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    PvP was supposed to be released before the end of year. Now we are waiting for a PvP blog post... This is just pathetic.
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    Why is it that people always want holiday patches now days? It's something that only gets used a small chunk of the year when that time could be devoted on something more lasting, such as PvP.

    Who else is going to buy HotS? Beta key would be awesome.
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    wheres pvp???
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    I always thought holiday events are more for World of Warcraft anyway. Don't think there were any traces of holiday content in game files either were they?
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    pickup radius per paragon level is a neat idea imo, but i guess you can't have paragon give you everything. +1 crit, crit dmg, ias, ele dmg%, life%, resist per paragon level plz.
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    I'm waiting for the patch too, but I'm also here to try my luck in getting this Heart of the Swarm beta key. I have been vying for such a key for so long... I spent hours waiting on twitch.tv giveaways to no avail. Here's to hoping that my wishes might be granted and I get selected for once.
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    I really wonder how they will manage to get PvP balanced.
    Barbarians will have trouble getting fury in a PvP situation while DH will just need to wait and get it.
    I hope in another month we will have a better idea !
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    Can't wait for PVP patch... I hope its sooner then Soon....

    can't wait to get into HoTS... i've always been a zerg player since first starcraft game and an expansion that is zerg based.... LOVE IT!!
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    Patiently waiting for the pvp blog.. also dat beta..
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    Hope that soon after holidays there will be a pvp patch.
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    No holiday patch? It would of been cool to see a Santa-inspired Treasure Goblin running around with the Hell Hounds pulling it on a Red Flaming Wagon. Maybe next year. I do know alot of people are still waiting, impatiently for the PVP patch.
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    No holiday patch O_O Well thats kind of a bummer hopefully we'll get something shortly after new years! :D
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    Hmm, no holiday patch? Guess I'll just keep farming then.
    One can always hope that PVP will come sooner then.
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    holiday patch like Tristram with christmas trees and shit? would have been hilarious
    (no need for the beta key btw)
    "A delayed game is eventually good, a bad game is bad forever." Shigeru Miyamoto-nintendo boss

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    This is flat out Diablo 3." -Anonymous discussing the console version
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    I'm curious to what all 1.0.7 will entail. Possibly some class changes to prepare for PvP patch? I guess we'll probably find out some more info when the PvP blog finally comes out.
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    You have to listen to metal whilst playing diablo 3. What is more metal than slaying hordes of demons? Nothing..
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