Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway, No Holiday Patch Planned, Scheduled Game Maintenance - 12/18/2012, Blue Posts, Curse Weekl

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    yeah...no patch sounds good to me..hope there wont be much downtime during holiday season
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    Basically, Blizzard wants to use the beta keys as promotional means. So, if you go straight to their website, that obviously means you know about it and no promotion is needed. Amazon is a site with a huge amount of customer base, so having the beta key promotion there would entice people who otherwise would not have known about it to get it, be aware of it, etc.
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    Even with no holiday patch coming in, it give the devs more time to refine any bits of the patch that may cause problems on patch day.
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    Hope we can get some PvP soon!

    And yay for the giveaway!!
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    I watch enough SC2 HOTS, dang it I wanna play!
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    Quote from giko

    Should make the picku-up radii increase with NV stacks, having no item with pick-up makes gold collecting a nigthmare. But something like 0.5 pickup radii per stack (2.5 max) will make it much more managable and would not make the affix obsolete.

    I really hope they wont do that. the limited amount of customization we have now will go out the window if people were to get desired stats for free without having to make the choice. Dmg, survival or comfort.
    We should not be able to have it all. then they might aswell add /god mode.
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    I'm especially excited for the new beta to come out :D to reply to a user above me... Mmmmmm banana pie is delicious! WITH NILLAS OMNOMNOMNOM LOVE DEM NILLAS!! ps i want heart of the swarm kerrigan wings for my barb >.
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    i Really hope that Invulnerable minions will Never return !!!

    i hope that one day will be some pvp .... and also in the giveaway XD
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    Quote from Molster

    Quote from SeiyaSun

    No patches......It will be a quiet holiday.

    Btw, does it mean we will have a news post everyday?

    there has always been a news post every day

    I'll have my eyes on you! Also, holidays yo! Get drinking!
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    I know that I wouldn't want to stay working over the holiday if the patch ended up breaking some stuff
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    Some time it would be nice to see a list of what resources they have and what they are working on. Might give the community a better idea what is going on behind the curtain. Although I swear I remember something about the PVP 'patch' being deployed before the end of the year.... ~ponders~
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    I was looking forward to getting a santa hat. Oh well maybe next year.
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    wish me good luck :P
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    I can imagine it now, Blizzard either comes up with a nice little Christmas or new years present. At least we can hope for that huh? lol
    I sort of hope the invulnerable minions return, they were annoying but manageable. Although it's probably better off, get the right affixes and monster and you're going to have a bad time.
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    Glad to hear that there won't be a holiday patch, their time is MUCH better spent on more important topics.

    Also, no matter how much we all hated invulnerable minions, you can't deny the great satisfaction of watching all of the mobs explode into oblivion when they died. I will miss them only for that reason.
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    Quote from Wulfgate

    Glad to hear that there won't be a holiday patch, their time is MUCH better spent on more important topics.

    Not too mention OUR time :P
    I HATE in-game holidays with "exclusive" rewards! Holidays should be spent with the family, not grinding away for some mount or title!
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    Please focus on PVP!!!

    By the way... this is a relevant post lol
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    best band while playing i think would be slayer, they have a bunch of songs that would go well with farming big packs.
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    Quote from Enigmaz

    No Holiday Patch? :(

    The development that is going on elsewhere better be for PvP. I have waited the longest time to start doing PvP in Diablo, and like most Diablo fans, I will be waiting on the internet for an announcement for it like a dog waiting for a treat.

    Happy Holidays to all! :)

    Even worst then just a normal treat, it will be Bacon flavored, heard they love those like Diablo fans love legendaries.
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