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    Interested to see what the PVP blog will say, despite not being that interested in PvP
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    With the new PvP, I can only hope that not only are they bringing more to the table (more than 3v3, as previously stated) but NEW ideas with it. This game obviously isn't meant to be balanced around PvP, but I'd like to see more than just kill-ball, capture the flag, deathmatch, and what not. There are SO many better ideas that could be brought in, in terms of PvP ideas; Just look at some of the hero based WC3 addons, or SC2.
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    They are likely not going to do the ladder due to the ability of many people to use money to influence it. A ladder on characters with no access to the AH might be feasible though
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    gief pvp blog
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    Quote from Kayern

    Ladder would be a fantastic addition, I don't know why they are dragging their feet

    Because they said at the beginning there would be a stable economy and they wouldn't need to have a ladder as a fix like for D2. Oh fail. Also, they mentioned the non-casual nature of rankings so there would never be a ladder.
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    Can't wait for PvP blog!
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    I'm curious on how the ladder will work. If it's like D2 then either they have to close it from using the AH or they need yet another AH type: Ladder-AH.

    If it's more like in WoW (PvP seasons), then they need to add new level caps or something, that you need to start collecting your pvp gear over again once the new ladder opens (I highy doubt this will be the solution).

    PS. I don't need Beta key =P
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    really hope they dont mess up the pvp. its the one thing that might make me really play again
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    I'm actually kinda surprised pvp is still coming.
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    I'm excited about the pvp blog. I remember playing the 4v4 deathmatch at Blizzcon and I really had a good time. Been excited ever since!
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    Call me a conspiracy theorist but I have a feeling that PvP has been ready for quite some time now.

    I have a feeling that the D3 and blizzard management only release new patches and content when they see a decline in the numbers logging in week to week and the activity that is generated by the RMAH.

    For both players and Blizzard as a company did a great job with MP levels, the machine, and with increase the quality of item rolls and drops rates. They did this just as people were not logging on as much or getting burned out of end game.

    Now that there are many more level 100 out there and a lot of mid-levels, like me, I think the paragon system has gotten played out a little. I would like to see to how many people have more than 1 level 100 toon.

    I am excited to see the PvP blog but I also expect a lot of things will be mentioned but not be in the next patch.

    Perfect example will be the ladder. I am almost 100% sure there will not be a ladder when PvP goes live. I am not a programmer so I don’t know how long stuff like that takes. However as a business model it makes more sense to blizzard to release basic PvP patch to give players a taste. Then in another patch release the ladder system once they see log in numbers drop. This way they can milk it for more than releasing everything all at once.

    Even though I complain I am still playing D3 a lot.

    Here is hoping the PVP patch is worth the wait:)
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    Looking forward to the PvP blog. Alhtough, im not much of a PvP player but nice to read some new features coming into the game :)

    As for Ladder, now that is someting i would like to see ingame very much, but they need to get that right - how to reset the economy with an live AH and RMAH.
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    that's great news. Can't wait to see what pvp blog will offer to us
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    blizzard time, don't get your hopes too high.
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    ladder might be fun.

    Can I win already ;)
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    Wow, i really hope they bring the pvp blog this time, and it yields a lot of interesting information :D Concerning the ladder, i think the earliest they might implement it, if at all, is with the first expansion pack.
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    At least this time, Jay Wilson isn't involved in the PVP blog announcement. Might be a good thing
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    Only Ladder can save sc... It's pointless to play atm
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    interesting to see what they have planned for pvp. Might try it a few times.

    Couldnt care less about a ladder system, aka "who got the most spare time" ranking.
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    Completely relevant post!

    OT: I don't see the point in a ladder system Diablo 3. Don't they already have a list of people by paragon level? What else is there to do, have it be a time trial to 60?
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