Diablo 3 is Number 5 on Google Searches for 2012, Budget Wizard Archon Guide, Fan Creation of the Week, Heart of the Swarm Beta

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    Diablo 3 is Number 5 on Google Searches for 2012
    Google has published their Zeitgeist 2012, which shows the most searched words for the entire year. Surprised or not, the 5th place is taken by none other than Diablo 3! You can see the Top 10 Most Searched Words below or click on the image to view the official ranking for all other searches as well.
    • Whitney Houston
    • Gangnam Style
    • Hurricane Sandy
    • iPad 3
    • Diablo 3
    • Kate Middleton
    • Olympics 2012
    • Amanda Todd
    • Michael Clarke Duncan
    • BBB12

    Budget Wizard Archon Guide - 1 Million Gold to Farm MP1
    Archon InfernoFriday has created a new budget guide, this time for an Archon Wizard. In the video below he goes through the selection of items and what stats Archons need.

    Fan Creation of the Week: “Searching For Truth”
    In this week's Fan Creation Blizzard showcases Deviant Art user ChaoyuanXu's masterful Diablo drawings. He also has quite the portfolio so don't forget to check out the rest of his gallery!

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    This week's community spotlight shines brightly on fan artist ChaoyuanXu and his breathtaking rendition of Leah and her Uncle Deckard, titled "Searching for Truth".

    If you loved ChaoyuanXu's interpretation of two of Diablo III's most critical characters, then you'll be sure to enjoy his other Diablo-inspired pieces, including "Unstoppable Monk," "Wizard Unleashed," and "Enter Demon Hunter" (all featured below).

    To see more work by this talented artist, head on over to ChaoyuanXu's gallery on Deviant Art or check out his blog at http://blog.sina.com.cn/u/132705606.

    ImagineFX Gets Exclusive with Blizzard’s Fine Arts Project
    The monthly sci-fi and fantasy digital art magazine ImagineFX's latest bonus Christmass issue is out and with it come some very nice Blizzard artworks. Check the full announcement here.

    Originally Posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

    The December edition of ImagineFX magazine is now on sale and packed with a little something extra for Blizzard art enthusiasts, including tutorials and how-to information from some of the artists that help bring World of Warcraft to life. You'll also get to take a look into Blizzard Entertainment's Fine Arts Project; a unique gathering of some of the world’s greatest contemporary fantasy artists creating their own visions of the Blizzard universe. Legends including Alex Ross, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell, Craig Mullins, Alex Horley, Todd Lockwood, and Syd Mead share their experiences and showcase the incredible pieces of art they produced for the project.

    Blizzard's artists are featured throughout this memorable issue. Their contributions begin with new cover art for the magazine from Glenn Rane, featuring Alliance heroine Jaina Proudmoore. Inside you'll find Samwise Didier explaining how to depict an epic fight between two heroes, and Laurel D. Austin sharing her approach to creating dynamic groups of characters in the workshop section.

    Whether you're an artist or just someone who appreciates fantasy art, this issue would make a worthy addition to your collection.

    Learn more about this issue here.
    Buy ImagineFX issue 90 now.

    Heart of the Swarm Beta Key Giveaway
    Diablofans has some keys to give away for the beta test of Heart of the Swarm! We will be giving away 2 keys every day (Monday - Friday) for the next two weeks. The rules are simple: post a comment relevant to the news in the comment section below. As long as it's on topic, you've entered.

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    Yesterday's winners: Patchwerk and Zodiam. Congratulations!

    Ha. Bagstone.

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    As long as we beat Kate Middleton, I have a shred of hope left for this world.

    Also that archon 1 mil budget is interesting. Used to seeing 3-5 mil low budget guides. I should try making a million budget build for fun.
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    Interesting to see the only video game in the top 10 was diablo 3.
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    its just google search being awesome ;)

    HOTS beta key would be lovely
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    nice 1 mio build and the prices are going down all the time
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    Way better graphics than Gangnam Style though.
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    Nice artwork! Love the Leah/Cain piece.
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    Wow, there seems to be more and more budget guides coming out everyday. They're really varied too. I'm glad to see the community finally utilizing the AH rather than just bitching about it. Hopefully in patches to come we will be able to get straight item trading support as well.
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    Haha after I've just finished building my archon build, a guide gets released. I'm sure there will be some tips i can take away from it and add to mine tho, exciting! :D
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    i never really liked the wiz. used the act3 meteror to power level mine but this budget guide and build look pretty interesting may have to try it out
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    I really like the "Searching For Truth" Artwork. Very awesome!
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    Wow these Community Creations of the Week are great. Always like seeing these.
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    First off, hooray, I'm genuinely shocked that I won a key :D Thanks DF.

    I can't help but wonder if the google search results are raw or standardised in some way, as I can't be the only one who searches for "III" as opposed to "3". Either the statistics account for both or the iPad 3 dodged a bullet.

    Apologies Archon InfernoFriday, it's 6 a.m. here and I'm a little blurry, but I thought for a second the video was Rick Astley with a headset at first glance :( I guess I owe you a view at least then.
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    That art of Leah and Deckard is awesome. Reminds me of Castevania SOTN.
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    Quote from Drewknukem

    As long as we beat Kate Middleton, I have a shred of hope left for this world.

    Also that archon 1 mil budget is interesting. Used to seeing 3-5 mil low budget guides. I should try making a million budget build for fun.

    Kate Middleton, oh man. I'm surprised the pregnancy didn't make the list. But, you've gotta consider, the launch of diablo 3 was HUGE and with the notorious error 37... Well... I know I did a lot of searching that night (more rage searching, than soul searching.) Also, found this gem. ign. com/articles/2012/05/16/diablo-3s-best-error-37-jokes
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    Arent these budget guides getting a little bit redundant ? :S there are soooo many of them

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    I like the Archon guide, big ups for something working that isn't CM.

    Also, Leah is hot. That is all
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    Quote from Norgannon

    Interesting to see the only video game in the top 10 was diablo 3.

    true, but what does it mean? could be i need to google a lot to get arount with Diablo3
    In fact i think thats the reason. Lots of pepole google builds and farming strategies :)
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    That art pic is awesome! :)
    www.myspace.com/mpotatoes for all your Trans Siberian Orchestra listening pleasure
    If you want to arrange it
    This world you can change it
    If we could somehow make this
    Christmas thing last

    By helping a neighbor
    Or even a stranger
    And to know who needs help
    You need only just ask

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    That ImagineFX magazine looks pretty badass. Whenever I go back to Japan I'm always impressed with the Magazine selection there. I know it's kind of a dead medium in America thanks to the Internet, but when they add production value like in this ImagineFX mag, they're almost like art books. Thanks for sharing.
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